1st Edition

Guide to Microturbines

By Bernard F. Kolanowski Copyright 2004
    246 Pages
    by River Publishers

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    First published in 2004. Featuring the latest information on the new technology involved in on-site power generation, this book incorporates an overview and further detailed investigations into the issues inherent in the development, use and future of microturbines.

    Brief History of Microturbines

    Technical Orientation-Basics of Microturbines

    Further Design Details

    Design Goals/Accomplishments

    Difficulties in Bringing Microturbines to Market

    Microturbines for Power Production

    Fuel Variations


    Interconnecting Microturbines with Utility Systems

    Comparisons of Microturbine Technologies

    Applications-Distributed Generation


    Applications-Waste Fuels

    Applications-Peak Shaving



    Bernard F. Kolanowski