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1st Edition

Gynecologic Oncology

By Paola A. Gehrig Copyright 2009
    ISBN 9781570597053
    304 Pages 92 B/W Illustrations
    Published November 30, 2009 by CRC Press

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    Gynecologic Oncology was not meant to be a comprehensive guide to the rapidly changing practice of gynecologic oncology, but a reference from which one can be guided in the right direction in the quest for information. Gynecologic Oncology may assist health care professionals to care for the women with gynecologic malignancies or at least help them to make a more timely diagnosis and referral and it may also serve as a guide as they strive to learn more about their disease. This handbook has information, which covers the full spectrum of gynecologic oncology, from diagnosis to palliative care; from basic science to cancer genetics; and from surgery to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In this era of a global economy and tremendous technological advances such as immediate transmission of satellite images in “real-time” and instantaneous cell phone communication from one side of the world to the other, it is hard to believe that global access to health care and knowledge remains limited in many countries. Gynecologic Oncology will be available not only in paper version but also online to physicians, nurses, allied health care professionals, teachers, and students in countries where access to gynecologic oncologists may be limited.

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