1st Edition

HEALTHCARE's OUT SICK - PREDICTING A CURE - Solutions that WORK !!!! Predictive Analytic Modeling, Decision Making, INNOVATIONS and Precision Medicine Necessary to Correct the Broken Healthcare Delivery System

    312 Pages 20 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    312 Pages 20 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    312 Pages 20 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    The U.S. healthcare system is in "complete chaos-disarray." Medical costs have increased significantly over the past 6 years with 70% increase for deductibles and 24% or more for health insurance premiums. All the while, workers earnings have either not increased or if they did, the pay raises were for less than the increase in the cost of medical care. The situation is unsustainable and the public wants the system fixed. This book offers ways of fixing the problems in healthcare.

    HEALTHCARE's OUT SICK - PREDICTING A CURE - Solutions that WORK !!!! first defines the "healthcare in crisis" problem. Through real patient experiences, the book describes the difficulties of getting through the maze of complexity among the plethora of "silo providers" which make up the industry. The heart of the book provides readers with a comprehensive solution that can work, a disruption that is necessary to provide Americans the medical care they need without the US public and healthcare providers and payors going into bankruptcy, insolvency or closure.

    This book delves into digitized medicine, payor and provider reimbursement models, and value-based healthcare delivery. It also includes a philosophy or mode of thinking and operation for the solutions that are needed for diagnosis-effective, cost-effective, and time-efficient healthcare delivery, of which digitized medicine, value-based care, and payor reimbursement modes are just some of the factors. The authors propose that the real solution involves having the patient at the center of the issues and changing from an archaic gold standard way of thinking to a "Predictive Analytic thinking" where one gets at the real truth by doing "real science" that in the end becomes effective not only for the population but for the individual person. This all leads to real person-centered and person-directed medicine and healthcare delivery.

    Foreword by John Cromwell, MD

    Foreword by Daniel Robitshek, MD

    Reviewer’s Preface by Thomas Hill, PhD

    Author’s Preface

    About the Authors

    1 Medical (Madness)—Mistakes Throughout History

    2 The "OUT OF CONTROL" SPIRAL: (Cost to Patients—Costs to Medical Facilities—Spiral of "Tests"—Including "Un-Needed Tests"—Spiral of People/Patients Demanding MORE—IMMEDIATE CURES … etc.) OF THE PAST 40 YEARS and the Current Situation

    3 Successful Healthcare Delivery Systems Around the World: Today’s Patient Safety Concerns and Poor Delivery Methods in the USA—What Is Needed in the USA Today to Provide Successful Delivery of Safe, Needed, and Cost-Effective Healthcare

    4 Current and Future Trends: Rectifying the Crisis–Chaos of the Past Few Decades Through Medical and Healthcare Research That Uses Quality Control, Predictive Analytics, and Decisioning That Is More Powerful Than Previous Methods in Leading to Accuracy and Correct Actions

    5 The "Right" Paradigms for Maintaining One’s Best Health

    6 Person Centered Medicine and Person-Directed Medical Care: Personalized Medicine

    7 The CURE—SOLUTIONS to Make Healthcare Delivery in the USA ACCURATE, EFFECTIVE, and COST-EFFICIENT



    Gary D. Miner, Linda Miner, Darrell L. Dean