Hadron Physics  book cover
1st Edition

Hadron Physics

ISBN 9780367390624
Published September 19, 2019 by CRC Press
474 Pages

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Book Description

Straddling the traditional disciplines of nuclear and particle physics, hadron physics is a vital and extremely active research area, as evidenced by a 2004 Nobel prize and new research facilities, such as that scheduled to open at CERN. Scientifically it is of vital importance in extrapolating our knowledge of quark-gluon physics at the sub-nucleon level to provide a wider perspective of strongly interacting hadrons, which make up the vast bulk of known matter in the Universe.

Through detailed, pedagogical chapters contributed by key international experts, Hadron Physics maps out our contemporary knowledge of the subject. It covers both the theoretical and experimental aspects of hadron structure and properties along with a wide range of specific research topics, results, and applications. Providing a full picture of activity in the field, the book highlights three particular areas of current research: computational lattice hadron physics, the structure and dynamics of hadrons, and generalized parton distributions. It provides a solid introduction, includes background theory, and presents the current state of understanding of the subject.

Table of Contents

LECTURE AND INVITED TALKS. Nucleon Electromagnetic Form Factors. Hard Scattering Processes. Selected Topics in Baryon Spectroscopy and Structure. Hadrons in the Nuclear Medium. Topical Aspects of Hyperon Physics. Light-Front QCD. States Beyond quark-antiquark in QCD. The QCD Vacuum and Its Hadronic Excitations. Lattice QCD. Resonances from Coupled Channel Chiral Unitarity. Chiral Extrapolations. Chiral Phase Transition in Hadronic Matter. A Covariant Quark Model. The Lattice Calculation of Moments of Structure Functions. Hadron Tomography. Dynamics of Hard Diffraction. Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering: Results & Future. The HERMES Recoil Detector. Prospects for GPD Measurements with COMPASS at CERN. SUMMER SCHOOL STUDENT TALKS. The Magnetic Moment of the D+. Measurement of the Neutron Electric Form Factor at MAMI. Single p0 and h Photoproduction off Protons at CB-ELSA. Inclusive Photoproduction of Light Mesons at HERA. Hadron Physics at the CELSIUS/WASA Facility. The Generalised GDH Sum Rule. DG/G at COMPASS. Relativistic Glauber Theory for A(e,e¢p) Reactions. Hybrid Mesons in the Flux-Tube Model. What Can Lattice QCD Say About Pentaquarks? Quantum Weights of Quasi-Particles in QCD at Finite Temperature. Vacuum Condensates of Dimension Two in Pure Gluodynamics. Matching Regge Theory to the Operator Product Expansion (OPE). THE STRUCTURE AND DYNAMICS OF HADRONS. Strangeness Production in a Coupled Channels Framework. Nucleon Properties in the Perturbative Chiral Quark Model. Gauge-Invariance in Hadronic Scattering Processes. Baryon Observables in a Covariant Faddeev Approach. Direct Observation of pp-Scattering in pXe-Interactions. Capability Computing for Computational Hadron Physics. COMPUTATIONAL LATTICE HADRON PHYSICS. Finite-Size Effects in Lattice QCD with Dynamical Wilson Fermions. N ® D Transition in Lattice QCD. Dynamical Overlap. Recent Overlap Results. Generalized Parton Distributions from Lattice QCD. Mass Storage Capacity for Computational Hadron Physic

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I. J. D. MacGregor, R. Kaiser