1st Edition

Halal Business Management A Guide to Achieving Halal Excellence

By Marco Tieman Copyright 2021
    226 Pages 39 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    226 Pages 39 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The halal industry is a fast-growing industry due to demographics and industry expansion. Halal certification of products, outlets, and services is essential for doing business in Muslim-majority countries. This book shares the building blocks of professional halal business management, covering halal certification, halal supply chain management, branding and marketing, and halal risk and reputation management.

    Drawing on years of academic research and advisory experience, the book provides practical advice and guidance on how best to organise and upscale your halal business operations. Successful companies in the halal industry are those that embrace halal excellence by design. Halal excellence is a process – a pursuit of excellence. Halal business management is beyond halal certification, and needs to address supply chain management, branding and marketing, and risk and reputation management. Halal excellence needs measurement through adopting the right key performance indicators, to protecting your halal reputation and licence to operate in Muslim markets.

    This book gives proven, practical strategies to guide you in the halal industry. The book is for all organisations involved in serving Muslim markets, and also serves as a coursebook for graduate and postgraduate education in halal business management.

    PART ONE: Halal Certification

    1. The World of Halal

    2. Halal Assurance System

    PART TWO: Halal Supply Chain Management

    3. The Halal Supply Chain

    4. Halal Purchasing

    5. Halal Logistics and Retailing

    6. Halal Clusters

    PART THREE: Halal Branding & Marketing

    7. Halal Branding

    8. Halal Marketing

    PART FOUR: Halal Risk & Reputation Management

    9. Halal Risk Management

    10. Halal Reputation Management

    Epilogue: a pursuit of excellenceAppendix 1: Halal Certification Information Checklist

    Appendix 2: Halal Business Management Education

    Appendix 3: Halal Reputation GAME


    Marco Tieman is the CEO of LBB International, a supply chain strategy consultancy and research firm. He is a professor with Help University and a research fellow with the Universiti Malaya Halal Research Centre, conducting research in halal supply chain management and reputation management.

    "Halal is beautifully simple, yet complicated at the same time. Professor Tieman’s skilled voice adds another vignette to the gestalt of this growing phenomenon"- Professor Jonathan A.J. Wilson, author of Halal Branding


    "This book is written by an expert who understands the complexity of halal and has widely contributed to the subject through his previous publications. Halal Business Management offers a practical guide for organisations and professionals serving Muslim markets." - Professor Mohammad Hashim Kamali, Professor and Founding CEO, International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies, Malaysia


    "If you want to enrich your halal business management knowledge and experiences, you need this book. It gives you proven, practical strategies to guide you and it has triggered fundamental improvement around the globe. The excellent ideas in this book are based on Prof. Dr. Marco Tieman's long experience as an international consultant and lecturer on halal supply chain management. This book is also reader-friendly and reflects the world of the practices while presented case studies offer inspiring models of halal excellence achievement." - Dr. H. Sapta Nirwandar, Vice Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Republic of Indonesia (2011-2014) and Chairman of Indonesia Halal Lifestyle Center


    "This publication is the first course outline for Halal Business Management to help decide whether or not to introduce Halal certification, and the best practices connected to it, into your business plan; or how to excel at it if you are already Halal certified. It also highlights the weak areas that need to be addressed, with emphasis on training throughout the organisation for end-to-end Halal assurance. I would suggest beginning with the Epilogue where you can read the overview of the course, and then decide your answer to the final question: Are you ready for Halal Excellence?" - Salama Evans, Managing Editor, HalalFocus.com


    "Halal Business Management is a must-read comprehensive guide to excellence. Both newcomers and those already in business will find clear explanations and illustrative examples on the main topics related to Halal Trade. Starting with Halal Certification, which remains a topic of debate, the Guide provides an overview of other, often neglected, but equally relevant issues, such as Halal Supply Chain Management, Branding and Marketing and the sensitive issue of Halal Risk and Reputation, where Dr. Tieman shares his valuable expertise in the field. A much needed critical approach to this expanding market and its complexities." - Dr. Barbara Ruiz-Bejarano, Instituto Halal


    "We are living in challenging times. The publication of Halal Business Management is both timely and necessary as we all seek guidance on how best to adapt and apply standards that are both relevant and implementable. Marco has produced a book that is both essential reading and impactful in its advice. This book will help us to embrace the change that will be a constant in the future." - Daud Vicary, Managing Director, DVA Consulting Sdn. Bhd.



    "Halal Business Management is a must-read book for those operating in the global halal economy. From current supply chains to strategies in halal marketing, Dr. Marco Tieman guides the reader through a practical approach to working in this fast-growing market." - Shakeeb Saqlain, CEO IslamicMarkets.com