1st Edition

Hamas and the Media Politics and Strategy

By Wael Abdelal Copyright 2016
    236 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    236 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Islamic resistance movement ‘Hamas’ is, arguably, one of the most important Palestinian organizations in recent decades. Since Hamas' establishment, it has extensively utilized media as a means of mobilization for its political and ideological agendas, and its tactics have undergone a remarkable evolution, from graffiti art to satellite broadcasting.

    This book presents the first systematic and historical contextualization of the development of Hamas' media strategy. It determines three key phases in Hamas’ development and explores the complex and important relationship at work between its politics and use of media. Assessing four elements of the Hamas media strategy; the media message (discourse), the media objectives, the infrastructure, and the target audience, this book tracks how Hamas grew its media infrastructure, and looks at how the idea of resistance has permeated the media discourse. Determining both tactical and strategic objectives and detailing the various layers to the target audience, it offers the first in-depth academic study of the Hamas media strategy.

    This book’s exploration of the key role the media plays in the Palestinian issue makes it a timely and relevant contribution to the study of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and a valuable resource for students, scholars and policymakers working in Middle Eastern studies.

    Chapter One: Background: Media strategy, the Arab media and the Palestinian media, Hamas and its Media

    Chapter Two: Historicising the Palestinian Media: Hegemony, Identity, and Resistance

    Chapter Three: Hamas’s Project of ‘Resistance’ and the ‘Resistance Media’

    Chapter Four: Hamas’s Media Strategy, the context of the first intifada

    Chapter Five: Hamas media strategy Post Oslo Era: From Clandestine to the Public

    Chapter Six: Hamas media strategy: the context of the pairing of governance and resistance ‘Hokoumat Moqawama’

    Chapter Seven: Reflections on the Hamas media Strategy

    Chapter Eight: Conclusion



    Wael Abdelal is Coordinator of Media and Communication Technology Programme Arts and social science department, University College of Applied science, Palestine

    "A thoroughly recommended read, this book is a treasure of detail and analysis. Abdelal’s discussion of Hamas and its use of resistance media paves the way for increased understanding of the Palestinian context, contributing to further realisation as to why the international community it so intent on generating alienation when it comes to Palestine. The international community has displaced attention from Palestinians to Hamas as part of its manipulation. By applying skilful analysis and awareness, Abdelal shows how Hamas has managed to counter the hegemonic agenda by focusing attention upon Palestinians."
    Ramona Wadi, Middle East Monitor