Handbook Of Clinical And Experimental Neuropsychology  book cover
1st Edition

Handbook Of Clinical And Experimental Neuropsychology

ISBN 9780863775420
Published November 1, 1998 by Psychology Press
1120 Pages

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Book Description

The domain of neuroscience has had one of the most explosive growths in recent decades: within this development there has been a remarkable and renewed interest in the study of the relations between behaviour and the central nervous system. Part of this new attention is connected with the contribution of new technologies (PET, fMRI) permitting more precise mapping of neural structures responsible for cognitive functions and the development of new theoretical models of mental activities.
The diffusion of new pathologies (for example the pattern of cognitive impairment associated with AIDS) has further enlarged the field of clinical neuropsychology. Finally there has been an expanding clinical interest in the understanding and management of age-related cognitive changes.
This volume is the translated and updated version of the second edition of Manuale di Neuropsicologia (Zanichelli, 1996), by the same authors, and it reflects the current status of the art. It is intended to blend clinical and theoretical aspects of neuropsychology. The first part discusses the instrumental and clinical methods of investigation in neuropsychology, together with their development. A long section is dedicated to the language and memory disorders. The impairment of non-verbal cognitve functions, such as the disorders of space orientation, of of visuo-perceptive abilities, and of the emotions and attention, are extensively discussed. The pattern of degenerative dementias is thorougly described, as e is thoroughly described, as well as a number of new topics, such as a neuropsychological approach to consciousness. Finally, perspectives for treatment of some cognitive disorders are outlined.

Table of Contents

Part I: Methodological Problems in Neuropsychology. Part II: Language Disorders. Part III: Memory Disorders. Part IV: Recognition Disorders. Part V: Movement Disorders. Part VI: Spatial Disorders. Part VII: Attentional Disorders. Part VII: Special Syndromes. Part IX: Dementia. Part X: Recovery of Functions.

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Basso and Pizzamiglio's chapter on the recovery of celebral functions is an important warning that there can be anatomical and functional reorganisation following a lesion. In addition to the chapter on the spontaneous recovery of cerebral function/development of compensatory strategies, there are three chapters on the efficacy of neuropsychological rehabilitation (for disorders of memory, language and visuospatial processing). However, throughout the book, contributors draw attention to relevant work on rehabilitation and provide clinicians with examples of tests that can be used to distinguish between different types of neuropsychological disorder. Indeed, one of the most encouraging themes running through the entire book was the successful interweaving of theory and clinical application. - E. Forde, University of Aston, Perception

It will be the book that the library will need to purchase. - Chris Code, University of Exeter, Aphasiology

The Handbook of Clinical and Experimental Psychology provides an excellent source text for both students and researchers. If it is too expensive to have on your personal shelf, it should certainly be in your library. - Glyn W. Humphreys, University of Birmingham, The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology

The book is well organized and well written ... The topics cover current thinking in most areas and it is exceptionally well-referenced with over 5000 citations ... This American reviewer enjoyed the opportunity to see referenced large bodies of work conducted by European scholars. Overall this handbook is recommended as a valuable resource. - Diane B. Howiesen, Oregon Health Sciences University, Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society