1st Edition

Handbook Of Eyewitness Psychology 2 Volume Set

    1334 Pages
    by Routledge

    1392 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    The Handbook of Eyewitness Psychology presents a survey of research and legal opinions from international experts on the rapidly expanding scientific literature addressing the accuracy and limitations of eyewitnesses as a source of evidence for the courts. For the first time, extensive reviews of factors influencing witnesses of all ages – children, adults, and the elderly – are compiled in a single pair of volumes. The disparate research currently being conducted in eyewitness memory in psychology, criminal justice, and legal studies is coherently presented in this work.

    Volume 1 covers memory for events. Volume 2 cover memory for people.

    Preface, Michael P. Toglia, J. Don Read, David F. Ross, R. C. L. Lindsay; V1_Part I Forensic Adult Memory of Witnesses and Suspects; V1_Chapter 1 Memory for Conversation: The Orphan Child of Witness Memory Researchers, Deborah Davis, Richard D. Friedman; V1_Chapter 2 Interview Protocols to Improve Eyewitness Memory, Ronald P. Fisher, Nadja Schreiber; V1_Chapter 3 The Influence of Emotion on Memory in Forensic Settings, Daniel Reisberg, Friderike Heuer; V1_Chapter 4 The Effects of Delay on Long-Term Memory for Witnessed Events, J. Don Read, Deborah A. Connolly; V1_Chapter 5 Alibis in Criminal investigations and Trials, Tara M. Burke, John W. Turtle, Elizabeth A. Olson; V1_Chapter 6 Internalized False Confessions, Saul M. Kassin; V1_Part II Potential Sources of Distorted Eyewitness Statements and Postdictors of Statement Accuracy; V1_Chapter 7 Internal and External Sources of Misinformation in Adult Witness Memory, Deborah Davis, Elizabeth F. Loftus; V1_Chapter 8 False Memory Research: History, Theory, and Applied Implications, Jeffrey S. Neuschatz, James M. Lampinen, Michael P. Toglia, David G. Payne, Elizabeth Preston Cisneros; V1_Chapter 9 Psychological Impairment, Eyewitness Testimony, and False Memories: Individual Differences, Sal A. Soraci, Michael T. Carlin, J. Don Read, Terri Krangel Pogoda, Yvonne Wakeford, Sarah Cavanagh, Lisa Shin; V1_Chapter 10 Recovered Memories, Steven M. Smith, David H. Gleaves; V1_Chapter 11 Using Hypnosis in Eyewitness Memory: Past and Current Issues, Giuliana Mazzoni, Steven Jay Lynn; V1_Chapter 12 Credibility Assessment in Eyewitness Memory, Dorothee Griesel, John C. Yuille; V1_Chapter 13 Eyewitness Confidence from the Witnessed Event Through Trial, John S. Shaw III, Kimberley A. McClure, Josie A. Dykstra; V1_Part III Lifespan Eyewitness Issues: Children; V1_Chapter 14 The Suggestibility of Children’s Memory, Laura Melnyk, Angela M. Crossman, Matthew H. Scullin; V1_Chapter 15 Enhancing Performance: Factors Affecting the informativeness of Young Witnesses, Michael E. Lamb, Yael Orbach, Amye R. Warren, Phillip W. Esplin, Irit Hershkowitz; V1_Chapter 16 The Development of Event Memory: Implications for Child Witness Testimony, Margaret-Ellen Pipe, Karen L. Thierry, Michael E. Lamb; V1_Chapter 17 False Memory in Children: Data, Theory, and Legal implications, Valerie F. Reyna, Britain Mills, Steven Estrada, Charles J. Brainerd; V1_Chapter 18 A Review of Factors Affecting Jurors’ Decisions in Child Sexual Abuse Cases, Bette L. Bottoms, Jonathan M. Golding, Maggie C. Stevenson, Tisha R. A. Wiley, John A. Yozwiak; V1_Chapter 19 Children’s Eyewitness Memory: Balancing Children’s Needs and Defendants’ Rights When Seeking the Truth, Lindsay C. Malloy, Emilie Mitchell, Stephanie Block, Jodi A. Quas, Gail S. Goodman; V1_Part IV Lifespan Eyewitness Issues: Older Adults; V1_Chapter 20 The Elderly Eyewitness: A Review and Prospectus, Katrin Mueller-Johnson, Stephen J. Ceci; V1_Chapter 21 False Memory Susceptibility in Older Adults: Implications for the Elderly Eyewitness, Donna J. LaVoie, Heather K. Mertz, Tracey L. Richmond; V1_Chapter 22 Eyewitness Memory in Older Adults, Chris J. A. Moulin, Rebecca G. Thompson, Dan B. Wright, Martin A. Conway; V1_Part V Conclusion; V1_Chapter 23 The Relevance of Eyewitness Research: A Trial Lawyer’s Perspective, Don Thomson; V2_quote1 Handbook of Eyewitness Psychology, Rod C. L. Lindsay, David F. Ross, J. Don Read, Michael P. Toglia; Preface, Rod C. L. Lindsay, David F. Ross, J. Don Read, Michael P. Toglia; V2_Part I Finding Suspects; V2_Chapter 1 Person Descriptions as Eyewitness Evidence, Christian A. Meissner, Siegfried L. Sporer, Jonathan W. Schooler; V2_Chapter 2 Mug Books: More Than Just Large Photospreads, Hunter A. McAllister; V2_Chapter 3 Facial Composites: Forensic Utility and Psychological Research, Graham M. Davies, Tim Valentine; V2_Part II Identifying Suspects: System Variables; V2_Chapter 4 Remembering Faces, Vicki Bruce, Mike Burton, Peter Hancock; V2_Chapter 5 The Psychology of Speaker Identification and Earwitness Memory, A. Daniel Yarmey; V2_Chapter 6 Show-up Identifications: Suggestive Technique or Reliable Method?, Jennifer E. Dysart, R. C. L. Lindsay; V2_Chapter 7 Lineup Construction and Lineup Fairness, Roy S. Malpass, Colin G. Tredoux, Dawn McQuiston-Surrett; V2_Chapter 8 Radical Alternatives to Traditional Lineups, Paul R. Dupuis, R. C. L. Lindsay; V2_Chapter 9 A Role for Theory in Eyewitness Identification Research, Neil Brewer, Nathan Weber, Carolyn Semmler; V2_Chapter 10 Applied Lineup Theory, Steve Charman, Gary L. Wells; V2_Part III Identifying Suspects: Estimator Variables; V2_Chapter 11 The Influence of Race on Eyewitness Memory, John C. Brigham, L. Brooke Bennett, Christian A. Meissner, Tara L. Mitchell; V2_Chapter 12 Person Description and Identification by Child Witnesses, Joanna D. Pozzulo; V2_Chapter 13 Eyewitness Memory in Young and Older Adults, James C. Bartlett, Amina Memon; V2_Chapter 14 Remembering and Identifying Menacing Perpetrators: Exposure to Violence and the Weapon Focus Effect, Kerri L. Pickel; V2_Chapter 15 The Effects of Delay on Eyewitness Identification Accuracy: Should We Be Concerned?, Jennifer E. Dysart, R. C. L. Lindsay; V2_Chapter 16 Eyewitness Confidence and the Confidence-Accuracy Relationship in Memory for People, Michael R. Leippe, Donna Eisenstadt; V2_Chapter 17 Distinguishing Accurate Eyewitness Identifications from Erroneous Ones: Post-dictive Indicators of Eyewitness Accuracy, Deanna D. Caputo, David Dunning; V2_Part IV Belief of Eyewitness Identification; V2_Chapter 18 Has Eyewitness Testimony Research Penetrated the American Legal System? A Synthesis of Case History, Juror Knowledge, and Expert Testimony, Tanja Rapus Benton, Stephanie McDonnell, David F. Ross, W. Neil Thomas Honorable III, Emily Bradshaw; V2_Chapter 19 Belief of Eyewitness Identification Evidence, Melissa Boyce, Jennifer L. Beaudry, R. C. L. Lindsay; V2_Part V Applying Psychological Research to Legal Practice; V2_Chapter 20 Generalizing Eyewitness Reliability Research, Steven Penrod, Brian H. Bornstein; V2_Chapter 21 Mistaken Identification = Erroneous Conviction? Assessing and Improving Legal Safeguards, Lori R. Van Wallendael, Brian L. Cutler, Jennifer Devenport, Steven Penrod; V2_Chapter 22 Giving Psychology Away to Lawyers, James M. Doyle;


    Michael P. Toglia, J. Don Read, David F. Ross, Rod. C. L. Lindsay