1st Edition

Handbook of Analytic Computational Methods in Applied Mathematics

Edited By

George Anastassiou

ISBN 9781584881353
Published June 27, 2000 by Chapman and Hall/CRC
1048 Pages

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Book Description

Working computationally in applied mathematics is the very essence of dealing with real-world problems in science and engineering. Approximation theory-on the borderline between pure and applied mathematics- has always supplied some of the most innovative ideas, computational methods, and original approaches to many types of problems.

The first of its kind, the Handbook on Analytic-Computational Methods in Applied Mathematics comprises 22 self-contained chapters focused on various aspects of analytic computational methods in approximation theory and other related fields. The articles represent the leading research activities of contemporary, mainstream applied mathematics and address problems in a broad range of disciplines, from economics to statistics, dynamic programming, and engineering.

Table of Contents

Degree of Approximation of Order Statistics Functionals, Dependent Case, G.A. Anastassiou
Regularization and Stabilization of Inverse Problems, C.W. Groetsch
Trapezoidal Type Rules from an Inequalities Point of View, P. Cerone and S.S. Dragomir
Midpoint Type Rules from an Inequalities Point of View, P. Cerone and S.S. Dragomir
A Unified Approach for Solving Equations, Part I: On Infinite Dimensional Spaces, I.K. Argyros
A Unified Approach for Solving Equations, Part II: On Finite Dimensional Spaces, I.K. Argyros
Uniqueness for Spherically Convergent Multiple Trigonometric Series, J.M. Ash
Roundoff Error Analysis for Fast Trigonometric Transforms, M. Tasche anfd H. Zeuner
Biorthogonal Local Trigonometric Bases, K. Bittner
Pólya-Type Inequalities, C.E. Pearce, J. Pecaric, and S. Varosanec
Limit Theorems and Best Constants in Approximation Theory. Approximation Theory in Random Setting, M.I. Ganzburg
Approximation Theory in Fuzzy Setting, S.G. Gal
Global Smoothness Preservation by Multivariate Bernstein-Type Operators, J. de la Cal and A.M. Valle
Summation Kernels for Orthogonal Polynomial Systems, F. Filbir, R. Lasser, and J. Obermaier
Digitized PDE Method for Data Restoration, S. Osher and J. Shen
Boundary Quadrature Formulas and Their Application, T.-X. He
Value at Risk: Recent Advances, I.M. Khindanova and S. Rachev
Asset and Liability Management: Recent Advances, S. Rachev and Y. Tokat
Optimization Problems in Fair Division Theory, M. Dall'Aglio
Binomial-Type Coefficients and Classical Approximation Processes, M. Campiti
On Scattered Data Representations Using Bivariate Splines, D. Hong

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