1st Edition

Handbook of Animal Models of Renal Failure

By Stephen R. Ash Copyright 1985

    This text presents a variety of methods of creation of renal failure, by the author‘s experience in the study and support of laboratory animal models of renal failure. This text also discusses three studies on the mechanisms of renal damage and renal failure in animal models.

    1. Current status of haemodialysis in veterinary medicine and the development of the canine animal model for haemodialysis-related disorders in Man 2. Hemodynamic studies in the conscious, haemodialyzed dog 3. Current status of peritoneal dialysis in veterinary medicine and development of CAPD in the dog as a model for dialysis-related disorders in man 4. Development of a canine model for continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis 5. Experimental models of acute tubular necrosis 6. aminoglycoside-induced toxic nephropathy 7. Animal models of diabetic nephropathy


    Stephen R. Ash