1st Edition

Handbook of Biodegradable Polymers Applications in Biomedical Sciences, Industry, and the Environment

By Shakeel Ahmed, Riyaz Ali M. Osmani Copyright 2025
    806 Pages 13 Color & 98 B/W Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    806 Pages 13 Color & 98 B/W Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    This book presents a comprehensive and authoritative review of the recent developments and advances in biodegradable polymers and their biomedical applications. Following an interdisciplinary approach, it combines the medical and pharmaceutical fields in conjunction with biomedical engineering, polymer science, materials science, and pharmacological aspects of biodegradable polymers. The text covers the synthesis, properties, and characterization of biodegradable polymers and systems and their applications in sustained drug delivery, anticancer therapy, vaccine delivery, gene delivery, surgery, wound care, cardiology, dentistry, orthopedics, medical devices, tissue engineering, and cosmeceuticals. It also details the safety aspects, market economy, challenges, and opportunities related to biodegradable polymers, providing an understanding of the commercial and translational aspects of these crucial biomaterials. Edited and authored by renowned scientists working on biodegradable polymers, biocomposites, biodegradable systems, and implants, the book is an important resource for academicians, researchers, students, professionals, and general readers interested in exploring the potential biomedical applications of biodegradable polymers.

    1. Biodegradability and Biodegradable Polymers: An Overview


    Neha V. Bhilare, Vinayak S. Marulkar, Vivekanand K. Chatap,

    Ajit S. Kulkarni, Shailaja A. Dombe, and Pramodkumar J. Shirote


    2. Standards, Policies, and Impacts of Biodegradable Polymers

    Mayuri Mahale and Vinod L. Gaikwad


    3. Biodegradable Polymers in Sustained and Controlled Drug Delivery

    Amarjitsing Rajput, Prashant Pingale, Punam Bagad, Rupali Patil, and Shubham Musale


    4. Role of Biodegradable Polymers in Ocular Drug Delivery

    Prashant Pingale, Krutika Pardeshi, and Amarjitsing Rajput


    5. Biodegradable Polymers in Vaccine Delivery


    Madhuchandra Kenchegowda, Sagar Guruswamy, Santhosh M., Kiran Raj G., Devegowda V. Gowda, Shakeel Ahmed, and Riyaz Ali M. Osmani, and Meenakshi S.


    6. Applications of Biodegradable Polymers in Surgery


    Sandip M. Honmane, Popat S. Kumbhar, Manoj S. Charde, Prafulla B. Chaudhari, and Arehalli S. Manjappa


    7. Biodegradable Polymers in Wound Care and Management

    Divya Pamu, Mude Lavanya, Saloni Sharma, Vyshnavi Tallapaneni, and Veera Venkata Satyanarayana Reddy Karri


    8. Applications of Biodegradable Polymers in Coronary Stents and Cardiac Tissue Engineering


    Sarika A. Jadhav, Archana A. Kapse, Ankur J. Raval, and Vandana B. Patravale


    9. Biodegradable Polymers in Dentistry


    Madhur Kulkarni, Roopal Bhat, Amruta Walvekar, and Abhijit A. Date


    10. Biodegradable Polymers in Orthopedics

    Priyanka Manza and Vinod L. Gaikwad


    11. Biodegradable Polymer in Medical Implants and Devices

    Nitin Shirsath, Laxmikant Zawar, Ajaygiri Goswami, Amarjitsing Rajput, and Prashant Pingale


    12. Biodegradable Polymers in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

    Atul Garkal, Priyanka Bangar, Amelia Avachat, Ashlesha Pandit, Mitali Paryani, Anam Sami, Jahanvi Patel, Shital Butani, and Tejal Mehta


    13. Polymer Nanocomposites for Biomedical Applications


    Sabarish Radoor, Aswathy Jayakumar, Jasila Karayil, Jaewoo Lee, Jyotishkumar Parameswaranpillai, Suchart Siengchin, and Steffen Fischer


    14. Biomaterials and Smart Polymers and Their Applications in 3D Printing in Healthcare


    Atul M. Kadam, Debarshi Kar Mahapatra, and Prachi Khamkar


    15. Advances in Polymeric Materials for Dental and Biomedical Applications

    Meenakshi S., Shyla Dureja, Raghunath N., Gowda D. V., and Riyaz Ali Osmani


    16. Biodegradable Polymers in Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals

    Surendra Agrawal, Pravina Gurjar, Shanaika Devadiga, Prashant Pingale, and Amarjitsing Rajput


    17. Biodegradable Polymers in Food Packaging

    Swati Bharati and Vinod L. Gaikwad


    18. Opportunities and Challenges with Biodegradable Polymers

    Hemant U. Chikhale and Sachin S. Gaikwad



    Shakeel Ahmed is an assistant professor of chemistry at the Higher Education Department, Jammu and Kashmir, India, and Government Degree College Mendhar, Jammu and Kashmir. He is a member of the American Chemical Society, USA; the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK; the International Association of Advanced Materials, Sweden; and the Asian Polymer Association and Society of Materials Chemistry, India. He is also a fellow of the Linnean Society of London and the International Society for Development and Sustainability, Japan. Dr Ahmed has published more than 25 books on nanomaterials and green materials.


    Riyaz Ali M. Osmani is an assistant professor at the Department of Pharmaceutics, JSS College of Pharmacy, JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research, Karnataka, India. He has authored more than 127 research publications (cumulative impact factor >200) and several book chapters and review articles. His research interests include pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical nanotechnology, nanomedicine, pre-formulation profiling, solid-state characterization, nanomaterials, microneedles technology, and polymer grafting.

    This book is an essential source of information that is perfect for experienced researchers and scientists, as well as non-scientists who want to learn more about this topic on both introductory and advanced levels on the recent developments and advances in biodegradable polymers and their biomedical applications.

    Prof. Lai Chin Wei

    Universiti Malaya, Malaysia


    This book presents an updated and comprehensive overview of biodegradable polymers, particularly biomedical applications, and also analyzes the legislative aspects, opportunities, perspectives, and challenges. Very useful for students, scientists, and technologists who love biopolymers.

    Prof. Tomy J. Gutiérrez

    University of Belgrano, Argentina


    This book provides comprehensive insights into a variety of natural and synthetic polymers, with a primary focus on their synthesis, properties, and diverse applications in biomedical fields and industry.

    Prof. Umme Hani

    King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia