1st Edition

Handbook of Chromatography Volume II: Polymers

By Charles G. Smith Copyright 1993

    Handbook of Chromatography features tables and chromatograms, theoretical discussions, and practical applications on the topic. Tables and chromatograms are based on polymer analyses abstracted from literature references dating from 1981-1991. Compounds presented in the tables and chromatograms include residual monomers, plasticizers, additives, antioxidants, and products from the thermal degradation (pyrolysis) of a broad range of synthetic polymers.
    Theoretical discussions focus on new developments in the respective areas of gas, pyrolysis-gas, liquid, and size exclusion chromatographic separations. Capillary column technology, inverse gas chromatography (IGC), supercritical fluid extractions (SFE), and supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) are also covered. A Practical Applications subsection provides a list of commercial suppliers of column packings and packed columns for gas and liquid chromatography. The book will be an excellent reference for chromatographers, organic chemists, and analytical chemists.

    1. Principles And Techniques 2. Practical Applications 3. List Of Tables And Figures 4. Table And Chromatograms


    Charles G. Smith