2nd Edition

Handbook of Cognitive-Behavior Group Therapy with Children and Adolescents Specific Settings and Presenting Problems

    326 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    326 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Now in its second edition, the Handbook of Cognitive-Behavior Group Therapy with Children and Adolescents offers a review of cognitive-behavior therapy fundamentals, evidence-based group interventions, and practical guidelines for group psychotherapy.

    This extensive guide presents innovative and evidence-based treatments for the challenges faced by today's youth. Each chapter covers areas such as assessment, case conceptualization, group selection, cultural considerations, protective factors, and detailed strategies and treatment protocols for use in clinical practice. This handbook combines theoretical foundations with practical application, highlighting the authors' personal experiences through case studies and therapeutic vignettes.

    This book is an invaluable reference for professionals providing therapeutic intervention to children and adolescents.

    Part I: Essentials of Cognitive Behavior Group Therapy

    1.Finding Strength in Numbers: An Introduction to Cognitive Behavior Group Therapy (CBGT) with Youth

    Jessica L. Stewart & Ray W. Christner

    2.Leading Effective Groups for Children and Adolescents: Change Through Connection

    Craig Haen & Seth Aronson

    3.Legal and Ethical Issues in Providing Group Therapy to Minors

    Linda K. Knauss

    4.Useful Techniques in Group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Youth:  Helping Youth See Things from Wing to Wing

    Robert D. Friedberg, Isabella Xie, Callie Goodman, Joee Zucker, Megan Neelley, Runze Chen, Andrea Hanna, & Tia Lee

    5.Setting Considerations for Group-based Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Children and Adolescents

    Aynsely Scheffert

    Part II: Presenting Problems

    6.Cognitive Behavior Group Therapy for Anxiety Disorders

    Ellen Flannery-Schroeder & Chelsea Tucker

    7.Cognitive Behavior Therapy Groups for PTSD

    Paul Sullivan, Annie Fraiman, Halle Thurnauer, & Danielle S. Citera

    8.Using Cognitive Behavior Group Therapy for Youth Depression

    Courtney L. Leone & Hannah Brimkov

    9.Improving Coping for Anger and Aggressive Youth

    John E. Lochman, Nicole Powell, Caroline Boxmeyer, Annie Deming, & Laura Larsen

    10.Modern Group Eating Disorder Treatment: Inclusion from a Cognitive Behavioral Perspective

    Emily L. Winter, Rachel Baumann, & Erin DeMaio

    11.Group CBT for Youth Experiencing Grief

    Michaela Thordarson

    12.Building Healthy Media and Device Habits: A CBT-Based Roadmap

    Jessica L. Stewart, Ray W. Christner, Christy Mulligan, & Emily Fox

     13.Running Multi-Family Skills Training Groups in DBT for Adolescents

    Jill H. Rathus

    14.Affirming LGBTQ Youth with Group CBT

    Johanna de Leyer-Tiarks

     15.Building Team Cohesion and Optimal Performance

    Jason Von Stietz

    16.Providing Positive Psychology Interventions in Group Counseling

    Shannon M. Suldo, Sarah Fefer, & Kai Zhuang Shum

    Part III: Conclusions and Future Considerations

    17.Epilogue: Future Considerations in CBT Group Treatments

    Christy Mulligan



    Ray W. Christner, Psy.D., NCSP, ABPP, is a licensed psychologist in Pennsylvania, a nationally certified school psychologist, and a nationally registered health service psychologist. He is board-certified in behavioral and cognitive psychology.

    Jessica L. Stewart, Psy.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. She maintains a private practice in Providence, Rhode Island, focusing on personal empowerment and distress tolerance through transitional challenges.

    Christy A. Mulligan, Psy.D., is an assistant professor in the School Psychology Program in the Derner School of Psychology at Adelphi University.