1st Edition

Handbook of Complications during Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions

Edited By Eric Eeckhout, Stephane Carlier, Amir Lerman Copyright 2007
    334 Pages 112 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    Percutaneous interventions may be very demanding, challenging and complicated. Even in apparently simple cases, this is true. This superb handbook is the first to focus solely on complications during percutaneous cardiovascular interventions. Handbook of Complications during Percutaneous Coronary Interventions provides both the neophyte and the experienced interventional cardiologist with guidance on how to prevent and to treat complications in the cath lab. The editors and the excellent team of contributors ensure that the reader is provided with practically-oriented advice, as well as tips and tricks, many of which are not included in the classic textbooks.

    Section A Introduction  1. More than 25 years of percutaneous cardiovascular interventions: a historical perspective, Michel Bertrand  Section B Patient preparation and selection  2. Optimal patient preparation and selection to avoid complications, Richard J. Gumina and David R. Holmes, Jr  3. Optimal antiplatelet and anticoagulation therapy, prevention and management of thrombotic complications, G. Montalescot, R. Dumaine, F. Beygui  4. Femoral vascular access and vascular bleeding complications, Chris White, Jose Silva  5. Specific Complications of the Radial Approach: How to avoid them, Yves Louvard, Thierry Lefèvre and Marie-Claude Morice  Section C During the procedure  6. Abrupt vessel closure and no-reflow, Alexandre Berger, Morton Kern, Amir Lerman  7. Management of stent loss and foreign body retrieval, Bruno Farah, Jean Fajadet, Jean Marco  8. Coronary Perforation: Incidence, predictive factors, management and prevention, Francois Schiele, Nicolas Meneveau  Section D Device related complications  9. How to perform optimal atherectomy, Antonio Colombo, Ioannis Iakovou  10. Embolic Protection Devices and Complications during Percutaneous Coronary Interventions, Stéphane Carlier, Xuebo Liu & Gregg Stone  11. Management and prevention of complications during specific interventions: intravascular ultrasound, intracoronary Doppler, Manel Sabaté, Eulogio García, Carlos Macaya  12. Percutaneous Left Ventricular Assist Devices in the High-Risk Patient, Stephan Windecker, Bernhard Meier  Section E Specific issues  13. How to prevent & manage complications during primary PCI, David Antoniucci, and Dariusz Dudek  14. Chronic total occlusion: potentials for serious adverse events, K. Fujii, E. Tsuchikane, T. Matsubara, T. Suzuki  15. Left Main Interventions: Treatment of Serious Potential Complications, Seung-Jung Park, Young-Hak Kim, Seung-Whan Lee, Seong-Wook Park  16. Specific concerns to improve the safety of drug-eluting stents, Alexandre Abizaid, Vinicius Daher, Jose de Ribamar Costa Jr, J Eduardo Sousa  Section F General issues  17. The ABC and D of cardiac resuscitation in the cath lab, Pascal Vranckx, E. Benit  18. Cardiac Arrhythmias Complicating Percutaneous Coronary Interventions: Management and Prevention, Georgios Kourgiannidis, Peter Geelen, Pedro Brugada  19. Renal Complications After Percutaneous Intervention: Cholesterol Embolism and Contrast Nephropathy, Patricia J.M. Best, Roxanna Mehran, Charanjit S. Rihal  Section G Non coronary cardiac interventions  20. Complications of Percutaneous Valve Interventions, Alec Vahanian, Jean-Pierre Bassand, Younes Boudjemline, Alain Cribier, Vasilis Babaliaros, Carla Agatiello, Ted Feldman  21. Complications During Percutaneous Closure of Patent Foramen Ovale, Atrial and Ventricular Septum Defects, Guy Reeder, Eric Eeckhout, Horst Sievert  Section H Words of wisdom  22. The Ten Commandments for the Young Interventional Cardiologist, Stéphane Carlier, Jeffrey Moses  23. Ten Golden Rules for Avoiding Complications during PCI, Malcolm Bell, Amir Lerman


    Eric Eeckhout graduated in 1984 from the medical school of the Free University of Brussels, Belgium. He was trained as a cardiologist with particular interest for interventional cardiology till 1991 at the University Hospital of this medical school. From 1991 on, he joined the cardiology division of the University Hospital CHUV in Lausanne where he became director of the catheterization laboratory in 1999. His academic affiliation is associate professor of cardiology at the medical school of the University of Lausanne. His clinical interests are situated in the broad field of interventional cardiology : valvular heart disease, percutaneous treatment of congenital heart disease in the adult, acute coronary syndromes, coronary physiology. He has a particular interest for the topic of complications during coronary intervention. In this respect, he co-founded and pursued the coronary complications course in Lausanne from 1998 on. He is a member of the congress programme committee of the European society of cardiology and member of the focus committee.