2nd Edition

Handbook of Cosmetic Skin Care

ISBN 9780415467186
Published September 21, 2009 by CRC Press
308 Pages

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Book Description

Cosmetics are increasingly tending towards being medications, and it can often be hard, even for a professional in the field, to assess the suitability and effectiveness of the range of products and procedures available. This acclaimed fully illustrated and highly readable handbook discusses the main types of treatment available for the skin, hair and nails. It explains how these treatments are used and how they act, including descriptions of the active ingredients involved. Special emphasis is given to preventive measures. All those wishing to broaden their knowledge of cosmetics and skin care, or those already working in the beauty care and skin care industries, will find this book a clear and simple guide to the medical and scientific aspects of skin, hair and nail care.

Table of Contents

Cosmetics and Cosmetic Preparations: Basic Definitions, Avi Shai, Robert Baran, and Howard I. Maibach
Skin Structure, Avi Shai, Robert Baran, and Howard I. Maibach
Principles in the Preparation of Medical and Cosmetic Products, Sima Halevy and Avi Shai
Skin Moisture and Moisturizers, Avi Shai, Howard I. Maibach, and Robert Baran
Skin Cleansing, Avi Shai and Howard I. Maibach
Creams and Liquid Emulsions for Facial Cleansing, Avi Shai, Howard I. Maibach, and Robert Baran
Facial Cleansing Masks, Avi Shai, Howard I. Maibach, and Robert Baran
Skin Aging and Its Management, Avi Shai, Howard I. Maibach, and Robert Baran
Acne, Alex Zvulunov
Sun and the Skin, Dafna Hallel-Halevy
Networks of Blood Vessels on the Skin, Moshe Lapidoth
Cellulite, Ron Yaniv
Injection Lipolysis: A New Method of Body Contouring, Franz Hasengschwandtner
Inflammation, Dermatitis, and Cosmetics, Arieh Ingber and Avi Shai
Skin Tumors, Avi Shai and Daniel Vardy
Active Ingredients in Cosmetic Preparations, Gil Yosipovitch
Retinoic Acid, Avi Shai, Howard I. Maibach, and Robert Baran
α-Hydroxy Acids, Ron Yaniv and Stanley Levy
β -Hydroxy and Polyhydroxy Acids, Stanley Levy, Avi Shai, and Howard I. Maibach
Bleaching and Bleaching Preparations, Avi Shai, Robert Baran, and Howard I. Maibach
Astringents, Avi Shai, Robert Baran, and Howard I. Maibach
Preparations Used in Dermatology, Marcelo H. Grunwald
Liposomes, Alex Zvulunov
Chemical Skin Peeling, Josef Shiri
Laser and Light Treatments in Dermatology and Their Cosmetic Applications, Moshe Lapidoth
Fillers and Soft Tissue Augmentation, Ines Verner and Christopher Rowland Payne
Cosmetic Use of Botulinum Toxin, Ines Verner and Christopher Rowland Payne
Mesotherapy, Evangeline B. Handog and Encarnacion R. Legaspi-Vicerra
Camouflaging Skin Lesions and Other Disfiguring Conditions, Victoria L. Rayner
Hair Structure and Its Care, Emilia Hodak
Shampoo, Avi Shai, Robert Baran, and Howard I. Maibach
Hair Conditioners, Itzchak Shelkovitz-Shilo
Methods for Temporary Hair Removal, Zehava Laver
Permanent Hair Removal: Electrolysis, Zehava Laver
Nails, Marina Landau and Robert Baran
Appendix 1. Applying Cosmetic Preparations to the Face and Neck
Appendix 2. Camouflaging Disfiguring Conditions
Appendix 3. Fragile Nails
Appendix 4. Glossary

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Each chapter has an initial summary of contents, an overview and then clearly labelled sections. Highlighted bulletin points emphasize important issues. The chapters are well illustrated with excellent pictures and simple diagrams. This book succeeds in all respects and the authors should be congratulated. It is well presented, clearly laid out, easily readable and authoritative. It applies science to cosmetic skin care and will help to debunk myth with rational argument based on the literature. Every dermatology practice employing a cosmetic nurse should have a copy of this book and should ensure it is read. It should be essential reading for beauty therapists and on the reading list for beauty therapy courses. (DermNet NZ) (of the first edition)