2nd Edition

Handbook of Counselling

Edited By Stephen Palmer, Gladeana McMahon Copyright 1997
    624 Pages
    by Routledge

    624 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Handbook of Counselling provides a comprehensive and up-to-the-minute guide for counsellors and those using counselling skills in other professions. The contributors, all experienced practitioners, explore the major arenas and settings in which counselling is practised as well as the key themes and issues faced by those working in this field.
    This edition of the handbook has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the pace of growth and change within counselling over recent years. Six new chapters have been added, covering:
    * brief and time-limited counselling
    * working with adults abused as children
    * trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder
    * counsellor-client exploitation
    * private practice
    * counselling in voluntary settings.
    Published in association with the British Association for Counselling, the Handbook of Counselling provides a definitive source of information and guidance for counsellors both in training and practice.

    Part 1. Introduction. R. Woolfe, Counselling in Britain: Present Position and Future Prospects. L. Sugarman, R. Woolfe, Piloting the Stream: The Life Cycle and Counselling. Part 2. Arenas. W. Dryden, S. Palmer, Individual Counselling. T. Schröder, Couples Counselling. E. Street, Family Counselling. B. Ratigan, Counselling in Groups. Part 3. Settings. G. McMahon, Counselling in Private Practice. S. Wallbank, Counselling in Voluntary Organizations. C. Sutton, Counselling in the Personal Social Services. R. Corney, Counselling in the Medical Context. P. Hughes, Counselling in Education (Primary and Secondary). E. Bell, Counselling in Higher Education. M. Megranahan, Counselling in the Workplace. B. Pearce, Counselling Skills in the Context of Professional and Organizational Growth. S. Culley, J. Wright, Brief and Time-limited Counselling. Part 4. Themes. J. Chaplin, Counselling and Gender. C. Lago, J. Thomson, Counselling and Race. P. Hitchings, Counselling and Sexual Orientation. J. Foskett, M. Jacobs, Pastoral Counselling. D. Bailey, Careers Counselling and Guidance. J.M. Kidd, Counselling in the Context of Redundancy and Unemployment. P. Laungani, F. Roach, Counselling, Death, and Bereavement. G.F. Cooper, J. Read, Counselling and Sexual Dysfunctions. J. Segal, Counselling People with Disabilities/Chronic Illnesses. B. Ratigan, Counselling People Affected by HIV and AIDS. R. Velleman, Counselling People with Alcohol and Drug Problems. P. Dale, Counselling Adults Who Were Abused as Children. M.J. Scott, Counselling for Trauma and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. Part 5. Issues. J. McLeod, Research and Evaluation in Counselling. K. Szymanska, S. Palmer, Counsellor-Client Exploitation. T. Bond, C. Shea, Professional Issues in Counselling. Appendix 1: BAC's Code of Ethics and Practice for Counsellors. Appendix 2: BAC's Code of Ethics and Practice for Counselling Skills. Appendix 3: BAC's Code of Ethics and Practice for Supervisors of Counsellors. Appendix 4: BAC's Code of Ethics and Practice for Trainers in Counselling and Counselling Skills. Appendix 5: Ethical Guidelines for Monitoring, Evaluation and Research in Counselling. Author Index. Subjext Index.


    Stephen Palmer is Founding Director of the Centre for Stress Management, London. He is former Managing Editor of Counselling, the journal of the BAC and has written widely on the subject of counselling and stress management. Gladeana McMahon is a counsellor, trainer and supervisor in private practice, London.