1st Edition

Handbook of Defence Politics
International and Comparative Perspectives

ISBN 9781857437997
Published June 29, 2015 by Routledge
476 Pages

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Book Description

Issues of defence politics and policy have long been at the forefront of political agendas and defining of international affairs. With a focus on examining the fundamental sources of – and defence policy responses to – the new ‘post-9/11’ security environment, this volume offers an up-to-date, balanced and comprehensive overview of defence politics worldwide, with chapters written by an international team of defence experts.

  • Part 1: International Dimensions. Chapters examine the changing conception of self-defence, security collaboration for combating terrorism, the United Nations and peacekeeping, NATO and security in Europe, as well as the use of new media in the modern asymmetric warfare environment.
  • Part 2: Regional and Domestic Perspectives. Country and region-sepcific case studies analyse defence politics in detail, including chapers on Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and many countries in these regions.
  • Part 3: US Dimensions. In-depth analysis of US issues, including defence policy making, the evolution of land warfare doctrine, defence consolidation and the politics and strategy of military intervention in the Muslim world.
  • Part 4: The Future of Defence Politics and Policy. Dealing with issues including international humanitarian law and military intervention, nuclear weapons in Asia and compound security dilemmas, these chapters look at the future of defence policy-making.
  • Maps. The supplement the analysis contained in the chapters, a section of maps offers further information for ease of use.

Edited by Isaiah (Ike) Wilson III and James J. F. Forest of the US Military Academy, West Point, USA, This Handbook of Defence Politics aims to provide a unique, authoritative and central resource on the most important issues surrounding the politics of defence. The book will be an invaluable reference tool for academics, researchers in international relations, policymakers and government officials.

Table of Contents

Part 1: International Dimensions  1. Introduction to Politics of Defence  2. The Changing Conception of Self-Defence 3. New Security Constructions: Cats and Dogs Living Together in the 21st Century  4. The Politics of Collective Action   5. The United Nations and Peacekeeping  6. The New NATO and Collective Security in Europe  7. Democracy by Force  8. Contractors and Corporate Security  9. Nuclear Capabilities and Policies in the 21st Century  10. The Politics of Defence Industries: A Comparative Review  11. The Use of  New Media in the Modern Asymmetric Warfare Environment  Part 2: Regional and Domestic Dimensions  12. Africa  13. Asia/Strategic Asia  14. Europe, Old and New 15. Latin America  16. Middle East  17. Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom  18. Militaries and Peacekeeping Operations of the Nordic Countries  19. Japan  20. Koreas  21. China  22. Taiwan  23. Turkey  24. Israel  25. Russia  Part 3: U.S. Dimensions  26. U.S. Defense Policymaking: A 21st Century Perspective  27. U.S. Defense Policy: A Constructivist Perspective   28. Defense Consolidation in the U.S. 29. U.S. Defence Policy and China  30. The Politics and Strategy of U.S. Military Interventions in the Muslim World  Part 4: the Future of Defense Politics and Policy  31. Expanding Our Notions of Defence  32. Dueling Regimes: International Humanitarian Law and the Future of Military Intervention  33. An Asian Nuclear Arms Race?  34. Compound Security Dilemmas  Maps and Statistics.  Bibliography

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Editors: Isaiah (Ike) Wilson III is a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army and head of the American Politics, Public Policy, and Strategic Studies programme at the US Military Academy. James J. F. Forest is the Director of Terrorism Studies and Associate Professor in the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point. Both editors have published many books and articles on an array of national security topics, and participate regularly in strategy task forces for the Department of Defense and other agencies of the US government.