2nd Edition

Handbook of Depression and Anxiety A Biological Approach, Second Edition

    852 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Features new to the second edition of this handbook include measurement scales used in research, breakthroughs in pharmacogenomics, epidemiology, genetics, psychophysiology and pharmacology, and enhanced therapeutic strategies and outcome measures for patient care and management.

    A conceptual history of anxiety and depression, Gerrit Glas; epidemiology of depression and anxiety, Borwin Bandelow; comorbidity of depression and anxiety, Giovanni B. Cassano, Nicolo B. Rossi, Stefano Pini; anxiety, depression, and personality, Harald N. Aschauer and Monika Schlogelh; is there a common aetiology for depression and anxiety?, Dean F. MacKinnon and Rudolf Hoehn-Saric; measurements of depression and anxiety disorders, Saena Arbabzadeh-Bouchez and Jean Pierre Lepine; combining psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy for depression and anxiety, Robert H. Howland and Michael E. Thase; genetics of depression, Wolfgang Maier and Kathleen Merikangas; genetics of anxiety, Wolfgang Maier; stress-responsive neuro-hormones in depression and anxiety, Andreas Strohle and Florian Holsboer; neuropeptide alterations in depression and anxiety disorders, David A. Gutman, Dominique L. Musselman, and Charles B. Nemeroff; immunology in anxiety and depression, Norbert Muller and Markus J. Schwarz; brain imaging in depression and anxiety, Peter S. Talbot, Sanjay J. Mathew, and Marc Laruelle; neurobiology of anxiety and depression, Philip T. Ninan and Thomas K. Cummins; intracellular signalling transduction dysregulation in depression and possible future targets for antidepressant therapy - beyond the serotonin hypothesis, Andrea Trentani, S. Kuipers, G.J. Ter Horst, and Johan A. den Boer; norepinephrine in depression and anxiety, Pedro L. Delgado; benzodiazepines, benzodiazepine receptors, and endogenous ligands, Werner Sieghart; antidepressants for the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders - same mechanism of action?, R. Hamish McAllister-Williams and Stephen P. Tyrer; studies on the neurobiology of depression,. Carlos A. Zarate and Dennis S. Charney; animal models of subtypes of depression, Paul Willner and Paul J. Mitchell; pathogenesis of depression - reconsideration of neurotransmitter data by depletion paradigms, Alexander Neumeister and Asastasios Konstantinidis; effects of antidepressants on specific neurotransmitters - are such effects relevant to therapeutic actions?, Brian Leonard; pharmacotherapy of depression - the acute and long-term perspective, Robert J. Boland and Martin B. Keller; pharmacotherapy of bipolar disorder, Kenneth Thau and Anna Maria Steeruwitz; development of new treatment options for depression, Siegfried Kasper and Alan F. Schatzberg; the depressed patient - from nonresponse to complete remission, Koen Demyttenaere and Jurgen DeFruyt. (Part contents).


    Siegried Kasper, Johan A. den Boer and J. M. Ad Sitsen