1st Edition

Handbook of Detergents, Part A Properties

Edited By Guy Broze Copyright 1999

    Part A of this handbook describes the raw materials and potential interactions of detergent products before, during and after use, focusing on the development and mechanisms of action of cleaning components. The text presents the basic physiochemical concepts necessary to formulate new, safer and more effective detergent products.

    Detergents - technical and practical challenges; surfactants - classification; surface activity; surfactant solubility; anionic-cationic surfactant mixtures; polymer-surfactant interactions - their behaviour at solid-liquid interfaces; emulsions; microemulsions; equilibrium and dynamics of surfactant adsorption monolayers and thin liquid films; foam in consumer products; surfactant interactions with skin; models for studying surfactant interactions with the skin; properties of builders - nonphosphate builders; polymers in detergents; oxygen bleaches; hypochlorite bleach; applications of hypochlorite; detergent enzymes - a challenge!; perfumes in detergents; the use of colorants in soaps and detergents; disinfection and preservation in detergents; rheological modifiers for aqueous solutions.


    Guy Broze is Director of Technology at Colgate-Palmolive Technology Center, Milmort, Belgium, where he manages and supervises advanced technology for hard-surface care and fabric care. Previously he was a Research Scientist at Liege University (1975-1980). A member of the American Oil Chemists' Society, he has contributed chapters to several books, including Liquid Detergents, edited by Kuo-Yann Lai, and Stabilization in Surfactant Aggregates, edited by S. D. Christian and J. F. Scamehorn (both titles, Marcel Dekker, Inc.). Dr. Broze received the Ph.D. degree (1980) from Liege University, Belgium.

    "About the Handbook. . . The. . .six-volumes (Properties, Production, Formulation, Analysis, Applications, and Environmental Impact). . .provides prospective readers. . .with a state-of-the-art comprehensive treatise, written by expert practitioners.. . .raw materials, production, economics, properties, formulations, analysis and test methods, applications, marketing, environmental considerations and related research are dealt with emphasizing the practical in a shift from the. . .theoretical focus of most of the literature currently available."
    ---Uri Zoller, Editor-in-Chief HANDBOOK OF DETERGENTS
    "The book is highly technical and specialized. The majority of the authors are industry-based. The chapters include lengthy reference and clear tables and figures. . ..appropriate for academic and corporate libraries. "