1st Edition

Handbook of Detergents, Part F Production

Edited By Uri Zoller, Paul Sosis Copyright 2009

    This sixth part of the multi-volume Handbook of Detergents focuses on the production of surfactants, builders and other key components of detergent formulations, including the various multi-dimensional aspects and implications on detergent formulations and applications domestically, institutionally, in industry and agriculture, with all the environmental consequences involved. Thus, Part F constitutes a comprehensive treatise of the multi-dimensional issues relating to this industry production technology, emphasizing the alignment of scientific knowledge and up-to-date technological and technical know-how with the relevant contemporary applied practice.

    An international effort and industry-academia collaboration, this volume features expert contributions, focusing on the contemporary state-of-the-art concerning the many facets of the production of detergents and surfactants.

    Thus, the Handbook of Detergents, Part F – Production, deals with the production of anionic, cationic, nonionic, and amphoteric surfactants, key builders, bleaching and whitening agents, enzymes and other components of detergent formulations in different contexts, gauges and related concerns, and discusses various technological procedures of production processes involving the components of surfactants and detergents.

    Surfactant Production:Present Realities and Future Perspectives, M.I. Levinson, Ph.D.
    Detergent Alkylate and Detergent Olefins Production, B.V. Vora, G.A. Peterson, S.W. Sohn, and M.G. Riley
    The Production and Economics of Alkylphenols, Aklylphenolethoxylatesand their Raw Materials, A.R. Grover
    The Production of Alkyl Glucosides, J. Varvil, P.McCurry, and C. Pickens
    The Production of LAS, I. Adami
    The Production of Alcohols and Alcohol Sulfates, J.J. Scheibel
    The Production of Alkanesulfonates and Related Compounds (High Molecular Weight Sulfonates), J.P. Canselier
    The Production of Glyceryl Ether Sulfonates, J.C. Cummins
    Manufacture of Syndet Toilet Bars, P. Tovaglieri
    Phospate Ester Surfactants, D.J. Tracy and R.L. Reierson
    The Production of Methyl Ester Sulfonates, N.C. Foster, B.W. MacArthur, W.B. Sheats, S.N. Trivedi, and M.C. Shea
    Amphoteric Surfactants: Synthesis and Production, D.J. Floyd and M.Jurczyk and edited by U. Zoller
    The Production of Alkanolamides, Alkylpolyglucosides, Alkylsulfosuccinates and Alkylglucamides, B. Gutsche and A. Behler
    The Production of Hydrotropes, R.L. Burns and U. Zoller
    Production of EO/PO block co-polymers, E. Santacesaria, M. Di Serio, and R. Tesser
    Production of Oxyethylated Fatty Acid Methyl Esters, J. Szymanowski
    The Production of Silicone Surfactants and Antifoam Compounds in Detergents, A.J. O’Lenick, Jr. and K.A. O’Lenick
    Production of Fluorinated Surfactants via Electrochemical Fluorination, H.-J. Lehmler
    Detergent Processing, A.E. Bayly, D.J. Smith, S. Capeci, and D.W. York
    The production of quarternary surfactants, A. Behler
    Production of Detergent Builders – Phosphates, Carboneates, and Polycarboxylates, O.G. Raney, Ph.D.
    The Production of Silicates and Zeolites for the Detergent Industry, H.P. Bauer
    The Production of Inorganic and Organic Bleaching Ingredients, N.S. Boulos
    Inorganic Bleaches: The Production of Hypochlorite, W.L. Smith
    Production of Key ingredients of Detergent Personal Care Products, L. Ho Tan Tai and V. Nardello-Rataj
    Production of Solvents for the Detergent Industry, R.K. Khandal, Dr. G. Seshadri, S. Kaushik, and D.i Khandal
    Production of proteases and other detergent enzymes, T.T. Hansen, H. Jørgensen, and M. Bundgaard-Nielsen
    Chemistry, Production and Application of Fluorescent Whitening Agents, K.A. Wilzer, PhD and A.K. Johnson, PhD
    Production of Gemini Surfactants, B.N.A. Mbadugha and J.S. Keiper


    Uri Zoller, Paul Sosis