Handbook of Digital Human Modeling : Research for Applied Ergonomics and Human Factors Engineering book cover
1st Edition

Handbook of Digital Human Modeling
Research for Applied Ergonomics and Human Factors Engineering

Edited By

Vincent G. Duffy

ISBN 9780805856460
Published November 20, 2008 by CRC Press
1006 Pages 345 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

The rapid introduction of sophisticated computers, services, telecommunications systems, and manufacturing systems has caused a major shift in the way people use and work with technology. It is not surprising that computer-aided modeling has emerged as a promising method for ensuring products meet the requirements of the consumer. The Handbook of Digital Human Modeling provides comprehensive coverage of the theory, tools, and methods to effectively achieve this objective.

The 56 chapters in this book, written by 113 contributing authorities from Canada, China, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Taiwan, UK, and the US, provide a wealth of international knowledge and guidelines. They cover applications in advanced manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, data visualization and simulation, defense and military systems, design for impaired mobility, healthcare and medicine, information systems, and product design. The text elucidates tools to help evaluate product and work design while reducing the need for physical prototyping.

Additional software and demonstration materials on the CRC Press web site include a never-before-released 220-page step-by-step UGS-Siemens JackTM help manual developed at Purdue University.

The current gap between capability to correctly predict outcomes and set expectation for new and existing products and processes affects human-system performance, market acceptance, product safety, and satisfaction at work. The handbook provides the fundamental concepts and tools for digital human modeling and simulation with a focus on its foundations in human factors and ergonomics. The tools identified and made available in this handbook help reduce the need for physical prototyping. They enable engineers to quantify acceptability and risk in design in terms of the human factors and ergonomics.

Table of Contents

Foundations of Digital Human Modeling

Introduction, V.G. Duffy

Some Requirements and Fundamental Issues in Digital Human Modeling, D.B. Chaffin

A Scientific Perspective of Digital Human Modeling: Past, Present And Future, H.Bubb and F. Fritzsche

Historical Perspectives on Human Performance Modeling, T.B. Sheridan

Physics-Based Digital Human Modeling: Predictive Dynamics, K. Abdel-Malek and J. Arora

Workplace Methods and Use of Digital Human Modeling, A. Stephens and M.L.H. Jones

Virtual Environments and Digital Human Models, T. Alexander and S.R. Ellis

Modeling Fundamentals

Methods, Models and Technology for Lifting Biomechanics, M. LaFiandra

Data-Based Human Motion Simulation Methods, W. Park

Computational Approaches in Digital Human Modeling, T. Marler, J. Arora, S. Beck, J. Lu, A. Mathai, A. Patrick, and C. Swan

Impact Simulation and Biomechanical Human Body Models, R. Happee and J. Wismans

Development of Hand Models for Ergonomic Applications, T.J. Armstrong, J. Choi and V. Ahuja

Foot Modeling and Footwear Development, A. Luximon and R. Goonetilleke

Shape and Size Analysis and Standards, A. Godil and S. Ressler

Modeling Response Time and Accuracy for Digital Humans, M. Yamaguchi and R.W. Proctor

Psychophysiology in Digital Human Modeling, R.W. Backs and W. Boucsein

Mathematical Models of Human Text Classification, A. Noorinaeini and M. Lehto

Modeling Task Administration Protocols for Human and Robot E-Workers, H. Ko and S. Nof

Visualization, Perceptualization and Data Rendering, D. Stredney and D. Ebert

Computing Infrastructure and Methods for Visualizing Large Scale Dynamic Simulations, V. Popescu and C. Hoffman

Multi-Objective Optimization for Short Duration Dynamic Events, H. Fang and M. Zhou

Modeling the Role of Human Behaviors in A System-Of-Systems, D. DeLaurentis

Verification and Validation of Human Modeling Systems, A. Ouidenhuizen, G.F. Zehner, and J.A. Hudson

Evaluation and Analysis

Digital Human Modeling-Evaluation Tools, D. Lamkull, C. Berlin, and R. Ortengren

Discomfort Evaluation and Motion Measurement, X. Wang

Optimization in Design: A Digital Human Modeling Perspective, M.B. Parkinson

Ergonomics For Computer Usage, P.F. Stringfellow, S. Sadasivan, and A.K. Gramopadhye

Workload Assessment Predictability for Digital Human Models, J. Grobelny, R. Michalski, and W. Karwowski

Human Modeling and Simulation, J. Yang

Statistical Methods for Human Motion Modeling, J. Faraway

A Motion Simulation Tool for Automotive Interior Design, G. Monnier, X. Wang, and J. Trasbot

Human Performance: Evaluating the Cognitive Aspects, B.F. Gore

Instrumentation in Support of Dynamic Digital Human Modeling, D.R. Morr, J.F. Wiechel, and S.A. Metzler

Instrumentation for Evaluating Effective Human-Computer Systems Design, J.T. Dennerlein and P.W. Johnson

The Psychophysiology of Emotion, Arousal and Personality-Methods and Models, W. Boucsein and R.W. Backs

Biometrics, Y. Du

Data Mining and Its Applications in Digital Human Modeling, Y. Liu

Motion Capture and Human Motion Reconstruction, S. Ausejo and X. Wang

The Use of Digital Human Modeling for Advanced Industrial Applications, C. Godin and J. Chiang


Digital Human Modeling in Automotive Product Applications, L. Hanson, D. Hogberg, and A. Nabo

Inclusive Design for the Mobility Impaired, J.M. Porter, R. Marshall, K. Case, D. Gyi, R.E. Sims, and S. Summerskill

Digital Human Modeling Automotive Manufacturing Applications, D. Lamkull, R. Ortengren, and L. Malmskold

Advanced Measurement Methods in Mining, D. Ambrose

Virtual Reality Training To Improve Human Performance, S. Sadasivan, P.F. Stringfellow, and A.K. Gramopadhye

Lab Testing and Field Testing in Digital Human Modeling, T. Dukic and L. Hanson

Networking Human Performance Models to Substantiate Human-Systems Integration, J. McGovern Narkevicius, T.M. Bagnall, R.A. Sargent, and J.E. Owen

Digital Modeling of Behaviors and Interaction in Teams, B.S. Caldwell

Digital Human Modeling for Palpatory Medical Training with Haptic Feedback, R.L. Williams II, J.N. Howell, and R.R. Conatser, Jr.

Healthcare Delivery and Simulation, K. Rapala and J.C. Novak

Modeling Human Physical Capability: Joint Strength And Range Of Motion, L. Frey-Law, T. Xia, and A. Laake

Current Implementation and the Future of Digital Human Modeling

Impact of Digital Human Modeling on Military Human-Systems Integration and Impact of the Military on Digital Human Modeling, J. Lockett and S. Archer

Advanced Human Modeling in Support of Military Systems, P. Meunier, B. Cain, and M. Morrissey

Digital Human Modeling and Scanner-Based Anthropometry, J.-M. Lu and M.-J. Wang

Digital Human Modeling Packages, Z. Li

Modeling and Augmenting Cognition: Supporting Optimal Individual Warfighter Human Performance, D.D. Schmorrow, P.B. Muller, D.A. Kobus, K. Van Orden, L. Reeves, and K.A. Rossi

Future Needs and Developments in Support of Computer-Based Human Models, N.I. Badler and J.M. Allbeck

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