Handbook of Divorce and Relationship Dissolution  book cover
1st Edition

Handbook of Divorce and Relationship Dissolution

ISBN 9781315820880
Published December 19, 2013 by Psychology Press
696 Pages

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Book Description

This Handbook presents up-to-date scholarship on the causes and predictors, processes, and consequences of divorce and relationship dissolution. Featuring contributions from multiple disciplines, this Handbook reviews relationship termination, including variations depending on legal status, race/ethnicity, and sexual orientation. The Handbook focuses on the often-neglected processes involved as the relationship unfolds, such as infidelity, hurt, and remarriage. It also covers the legal and policy aspects, the demographics, and the historical aspects of divorce. Intended for researchers, practitioners, counselors, clinicians, and advanced students in psychology, sociology, family studies, communication, and nursing, the book serves as a text in courses on divorce, marriage and the family, and close relationships.

Table of Contents

Contents: Preface. Part I: Introduction. M.A. Fine, J.H. Harvey, Divorce and Relationship Dissolution in the 21st Century. Part II: Demographic and Historical Aspects of Divorce and Relationship Dissolution. G.C. Kitson, Divorce and Dissolution Research: Then and Now. P.R. Amato, S. Irving, Historical Trends in Divorce in the United States. J. Teachman, L. Tedrow, M. Hall, The Demographic Future of Divorce and Dissolution. Part III: Causes, Underlying Processes, and Antecedents of Divorce and Relationship Dissolution. A.E. Rodrigues, J.H. Hall, F.D. Fincham, What Predicts Divorce and Relationship Dissolution. M. Masuda, Perspectives on Premarital Postdissolution Relationships: Account-Making of Friendships Between Former Romantic Partners. A.L. Vangelisti, Hurtful Interactions and the Dissolution of Intimacy. J.H. Hall, F.D. Fincham, Relationship Dissolution Following Infidelity. S. Duck, J.T. Wood, What Goes Up May Come Down: Sex and Gendered Patterns in Relational Dissolution. J.H. Harvey, M.A. Fine, Social Construction of Accounts in the Process of Relationship Termination. K. Kayser, S.S. Rao, Process of Disaffection in Relationship Breakdown. S.S. Rollie, S. Duck, Divorce and Dissolution of Romantic Relationships: Stage Models and Their Limitations. K. Adamsons, K. Pasley, Coparenting Following Divorce and Relationship Dissolution. E. Lawrence, E. Ro, R. Barry, M. Bunde, Mechanisms of Distress and Dissolution in Physically Agressive Romantic Relationships. Part IV: Consequences of Divorce and Relationship Dissolution. B.L. Barber, D.H. Demo, The Kids Are Alright (at Least, Most of Them): Links Between Divorce and Dissolution and Child Well-Being. S.L. Braver, J.R. Shapiro, M.R. Goodman, Consequences of Divorce for Parents. D.S. Bartell, Influence of Parental Divorce on Romantic Relationships in Young Adulthood: A Cognitive-Developmental Perspective. T. Tashiro, P. Frazier, M. Berman, Stress-Related Growth Following Divorce and Relationship Dissolution. L.C. Sayer, Economic Aspects of Divorce and Relationship Dissolution. Part V: Coping With Divorce and Relationship Dissolution. L. Ganong, M. Coleman, J. Hans, Divorce as Prelude to Stepfamily Living and the Consequences of Redivorce. T.D. Afifi, K. Hamrick, Communication Processes that Promote Risk and Resiliency in Postdivorce Families. S. Sprecher, D. Felmlee, M. Schmeeckle, X. Shu, No Breakup Occurs on an Island: Social Networks and Relationship Dissolution. Part VI: Variations in Divorce and Relationship Dissolution Patterns and Processes. T.L. Orbuch, E. Brown, Divorce in the Context of Being African American. R.F. Oswald, E. Clausell, Same-Sex Relationships and Their Dissolution. A.J. Umaña-Taylor, E.C. Alfaro, Divorce and Relationship Dissolution Among Latino Populations in the United States. Part VII: Policy Issues Pertaining to Divorce and Relationship Dissolution. M.M. Mahoney, The Law of Divorce and Relationship Dissolution. D.A. Sbarra, R.E. Emery, In the Presence of Grief: The Role of Cognitive-Emotional Adaptation in Contemporary Divorce Mediation. K.R. Blaisure, M.J. Geasler, Educational Interventions for Separating and Divorcing Parents and Their Children. Part VIII: Commentaries. R.S. Weiss, Trying to Understand Close Relationships. E. Berscheid, The Changing Reasons for Marriage and Divorce. A. Booth, Proposals for Research on the Consequences of Divorce for Children.

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