"Provides the latest authoritative research on the developments, technology, and applications of rubbery materials. Presents structures, manufacturing techniques, and processing details for natural and synthetic rubbers, rubber-blends, rubber composites, and thermoplastic elastomers. 80% revised and rewritten material covers major advances since publication of the previous edition."

    Guayule rubber; Hevea natural rubber; modified natural rubber; chemical modification of synthetic elastomers; liquid rubber; powdered rubber; rubber-rubber blends - part 1; rubber-rubber blends - part 2, new developments; short fibre-filled rubber composites; thermoplastic styrenic block copolymers; polyester thermoplastic elastomers - part 1; polyester thermoplastic elastomers - part ; thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers; thermoplastic polyamide elastomers; ionomeric thermoplastic elastomers; miscellaneous thermoplastic elastomers; halogen containing elastomer; tetrafluoro ethylene-propylene rubber; carboxylated rubber; polyphosphazene elastomers; advances in silicon rubber technology - part 1, 1944-1986; advances in silicon rubber technology - part 2, current trends; acrylic-based elastomer; poly(propylene oxide) elastomer; polyalkenylenes; polytetrahydrofuran; crosslinked polyethylene; millable polyurethane elastomers; cast polyurethane elastomers; polynorbornene rubber; nitrile and hydrogenated nitrile rubber; diene-based elastomer; recycling rubber; EPDM rubber technology; isobutylene-based elastomers.


    Anil K. Bhowmick, Howard Stephens

    ". . .a good, general reference for anyone involved in selecting, evaluating, or characterizing elastomers....detailed, specific, up to date."
    ---Mathematical Reviews
    ". . .chapters contain a wealth of important and interesting data. . . . . .a good place to start looking for information."
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