2nd Edition

Handbook of Electric Motors

Edited By Hamid A. Toliyat, Gerald B. Kliman Copyright 2004

    Presenting current issues in electric motor design, installation, application, and performance, this second edition serves as the most authoritative and reliable guide to electric motor utilization and assessment in the commercial and industrial sectors. Covering topics ranging from motor energy and efficiency to computer-aided design and equipment selection, this reference assists professionals in all aspects of electric motor maintenance, repair, and optimization. It has been expanded by more than 40 percent to explore the most influential technologies in the field including electronic controls, superconducting generators, recent analytical tools, new computing capabilities, and special purpose motors.

    Principles of Energy Conversion. Types of Motors and their Characteristics. Motor Selection. Induction Motor Analysis and Design. Synchronous Motor Analysis And Design. Direct Current. Motor Analysis and Design. Testing For Performance. Motor Insulation Systems. Motor Control. Motor Protection. Mechanical Considerations. Environmental Considerations Reliability. Maintenance. Electronic Motors. Appendix A--Equivalent Units. Appendix B--Association and Institute. Addresses. Biographical Sketches of Contributors and Editors. Index.


    Toliyat, Hamid A.; Kliman, Gerald B.

    "I believe it is the most comprehensive electric motor handbook available currently, extensively covering all types of motors … . Recommended for upper level undergraduates, graduates, researchers and practitioners."
    - E-Streams, Vol. 7, No. 12, December 2004

    "Its strong point is that is contains a fantastic wealth of design information on all kinds of motors…It gives the reader a very good understanding of a broad range of modern motor technology…Anyone who designs or works with motors of all types would definitely find this book to be an excellent handbook and guide for understanding the details of motor design and being able to choose the correct motor for a given application."
    - IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine, Vol. 21, No. 3, May/June 2005