1st Edition

Handbook of Electrical Engineering Calculations

Edited By Arun G. Phadke Copyright 1999

    Written by experienced teachers and recognized experts in electrical engineering, Handbook of Electrical Engineering Calculations identifies and solves the seminal problems with numerical techniques for the principal branches of the field -- electric power, electromagnetic fields, signal analysis, communication systems, control systems, and computer engineering. It covers electric power engineering, electromagnetics, algorithms used in signal analysis, communication systems, algorithms used in control systems, and computer engineering. Illustrated with detailed equations, helpful drawings, and easy-to-understand tables, the book serves as a practical, on-the-job reference.

    Electric Power Engineering, Arun G. Phadke
    Electromagnetics, Edmund K. Miller
    Algorithms Used in Signal Analysis, Hugh F. VanLandingham
    Communication Systems, Timothy Pratt
    Algorithms Used in Control Systems, Hugh F. VanLandingham
    Computer Engineering, Peter Athanas and Yosef Tirat-Gefen


    Arun G. Phadke

    "…Practicing engineers should find it useful as a background review while undergraduate and graduate students should find it helpful as a supplement to materials presented in class. This book is recommended for college and university libraries serving electrical engineering department and libraries serving practicing electrical engineers."
    - E-Streams

    "…This book identifies and solves problems in the principle branches of electrical engineering.…Many equations and examples are used to help explain the theory along with some very helpful explanations on how certain quantities are arrived at. This advanced text…is well suited for practical electrical engineers who need to revisit the details of calculations and obtain a new understanding of the underlying theory."
    - IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine

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