1st Edition

Handbook of Electronic Package Design

By Michael Pecht Copyright 1991

    Both a handbook for practitioners and a text for use in teaching electronic packaging concepts, guidelines, and techniques. The treatment begins with an overview of the electronics design process and proceeds to examine the levels of electronic packaging and the fundamental issues in the development




    Michael D. Osterman and Michael Pecht

    Electronic Components

    Denise Burkus Harris, Michael Pecht, and Pradeep Lall

    Printed Wiring Board Design and Fabrication

    Denise Burkus Harris and Pradeep Lall

    Electronic Assemblies

    Denise Burkus Harris

    Interconnections and Connectors

    Pradeep Lall and Michel Pecht


    Michael D. Osterman and Michael Pecht

    Thermal Design Analysis

    Dennis K. Karr, Milton Palmer, III, and David Dancer

    Thermomechanical Analysis and Design

    Abhijit Dasgupta

    Design for Vibration and Shock

    Donald B. Barker

    Humidity and Corrosion Analysis and Design

    Wing C. Ko and Michael Pecht

    Design for Reliability

    Michael Pecht

    Electronic Materials and Properties

    Jillian Y. Evans and John W. Evans

    Appendix A: Acronyms Used in Electronics

    Appendix B: Glossary of Hybrid Microcircuits Packaging Terms

    Appendix C: Standards and Specifications for Microelectronics

    Appendix D: Standards and Specifications for PCBs and PWBs

    Appendix E: Unit Conversion Tables



    Michael Pecht

    "Prepared in a manner suitable for teaching and including end-of-chapter problems, this book well meets the needs for a teaching text. . ..Several useful appendices are also included. "
    ---IEEE Book Review