1st Edition

Handbook of Electrostatic Processes

    "Provides detailed, comprehensive descriptions of electrostatic processes as well as their applications in areas such as rheology, atomization and spraying, industrial dust particle precipitation and filtering, biomedical engineering, gas treatments, atmospheric electricity, chemical reactors, and electronic devices. Summarizes electrostatic fundamentals and electrical phenomena in solids and fluids."



    Electrostatic Fundamentals Joseph M. Crowley

    Electrification of Solid Materials Alexander A. Berezin

    Electrostatic Charging of Particles Jen-Shih Chang

    Electrical Phenomena of Dielectric Materials R. Tobazéon

    Flow Electrification of Liquids G. Touchard

    Numerical Techniques for Electrostatics R. Godard

    Dimensionless Ratios in Electrohydrodynamics Joseph M. Crowley

    Injection induced Electrohydrodynamic Flows P. Atten and A. Castellanos

    Gas Discharge Phenomena T. G. Beuthe and Jen-Shih Chang

    Generation of High Voltages A. Chakrabarti and S. Jayaram

    Measurement of Electrostatic Fields, Voltages, and Charges Mark N. Horenstein

    Electrostatic Flow Measurement Techniques Kazutoshi Asano

    Electrostatic Multiphase Flow Measurement Techniques Glenn Harvel and Jen-Shih Chang

    Printers P. T. Krein and K. S. Robinson

    Electrophotography L. B. Schein

    Electrostatics in Flat Panel Displays A. Kitai

    Applications of the Electrostatic Separation Technique K. Haga

    Electrostatic Coalescence in Liquid-Liquid Systems Wuhai He

    Electrorheology J. L. Sproston and R. Stanway

    Electrostatic Atomization and Spraying S. Edward Law

    Electrostatic Precipitation Senichi Masuda and Shunsuke Hosokawa

    Modeling of Electrostatic Precipitators and Filters Phil A. Lawless, Toshiaki Yamamoto, and Yoshio Otani

    Transducers T. Oda

    EHD Enhanced Mass Transfer Operations and Chemical Reactions Wuhai He and Jen-Shih Chang

    Heat Engineering Akira Yabe

    Ozone Generation and Applications U. Kogelschartz

    Combustion Flue Gas Treatments Massimo Rea

    Atmospheric Electricity Toshio Ogawa, T. Takeuti, and Z. I. Kawasaki

    Biomedical Engineering Akira Mizuno and Masao Washizu

    ESD Hazards in the Electronics Industry L. F. DeChiaro and B. A. Unger

    Static Electricity Hazards: Solid Surfaces and Gases István Berta

    Electrostatic Hazards During Liquid Transport and Spraying A. G. Bailey

    Electrostatic Charge Elimination Techniques C. G. Noll



    Jen-Shih Chang