1st Edition

Handbook of Engineering Polymeric Materials

By P. Cheremisinoff Copyright 1997

    Presenting practical information on new and conventional polymers and products as alternative materials and end-use applications, this work details technological advancements in high-structure plastics and elastomers, functionalized materials, and their product applications. The book also provides a comparison of manufacturing and processing techniques from around the world. It emphasizes product characterization, performance attributes and structural properties.

    Artificial neural networks as a semi-empirical modelling tool for physical property predictions in polymer science; new generation high performance polymers by displacement polymerization; acrylamide polymers; transparent polyolefins; the polyolefins stabilizers with intramolecular synergism; high-temperature stabilization of polyolefins; poly(malic acid) from natural sources; stabilization of polyolefins; gamma radiation induced preparation of polyelectrolytes and its use for treatment of waste water; polyvinylchloride (PVC)/thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) polymeric blends; mechanical properties of ionomers and ionomer blends; metallocene based polyolefins - product characteristics; preparations and properties of porous poly(vinyl alcohol)-poly(vinyl acetate) composites; hydrophobization of polyanionic polymers to achieve higher biological activity; uniform latex particles; reaction mechanism of vinyl polymerization with amine in redox and photo-induced charge-transfer initiation systems; photoinitiation of free-radical polymerization by organometallic compounds; chemical modification of polystyrenes in the presence of cationic catalysis and their industrial applications; performance of polyethylenes in relation to their molecular structure; the crystallization of polyethylene under high pressure; structure, stability, and degradation of PVC; solution state of metal complex calixarenes and polymetric calixarenes; thermodynamic opportunity of degradation reaction initiation; polymerization by ylides. (Part contents).


    P. Cheremisinoff