1st Edition

Handbook of Estimation Methods in Ecotoxicology and Environmental Chemistry

    240 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Slightly more than 100,000 chemicals are produced in such an amount that they are threatening to the environment. These include common chemicals such as household cleaners, detergents, cosmetics, medicines, and pesticides. The Handbook of Estimation Methods in Ecotoxicology and Environmental Chemistry presents estimation methods for determining a number of physicochemical, biological, and toxicological parameters for these chemicals. Included is WinTox software, an estimation tool that is quick and easy to use; it provides a good initial estimate that can be further refined. Through the estimation methods demonstrated in this book, the following urgent questions can be answered:

    Estimation of Physical-Chemical Parameters
    Estimation of Critical Temperature, Boiling and Melting Points, Vapour Pressure, and Evaporation Rate
    Estimation of Solubility and Partition Coefficient
    Estimation of Henry's Constant, Adsorption Coefficients, and Exchange Coefficients
    Estimation of Rate Coefficients of Hydrolysis and Photolysis
    Application of Molecular Connectivity Index for Estimation of Physical-Chemical Parameters
    Estimation of Biological Parameters
    Estimation of Biodegradation Rate
    Estimation of Bioconcentration, Bioaccumulation, and Biomagnification Factor
    Estimation of Uptake Rate, Uptake Efficiency, and Excretion Rate
    Application of Structural Similarity by Estimation of Biological Properties of Chemical Compounds
    Application of Allometric Principles
    Estimation of Toxicological Parameters
    Estimation of LC50 and LD50 Values
    Estimation of EC, MAC, and NEC Values
    Estimation of Other Toxic Parameters
    Estimation of Toxicological and Biological Parameter by Use of Molecular Connectivity Indices
    Estimation of Toxicological Parameters by Structural Similarity
    The Application of Estimation Methods in Practice
    A Network of Estimation Methods
    Using WINTOX
    The Accuracy of WINTOX Estimations
    Ecotoxicological Management
    Appendix 1: Definitions
    Appendix 2: Properties and Characteristics of Benchmark Chemicals
    Appendix 3: Tables for Estimation of Physical-Chemical Parameters
    Appendix 4: Parameters for Various Photochemical Processes and Lw = F(latitude)


    Sven E. Jorgensen, B. Halling Sorensen

    "Such methods are necessary because data cannot be obtained on many of the 100,000 potentially threatening synthetic chemicals. As a single source of this kind of information, the book is excellent... An excellent resource for graduate students, faculty, researchers, and professionals."