1st Edition

Handbook of Evidence Based Management Practices in Business

    724 Pages 135 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book is a collection of selected high-quality research papers presented at the 4th International Conference on Evidence-Based Management (ICEBM) 2023, held at Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani, Rajasthan, India, during February 24–25, 2023. It has 76 chapters written by various scholars focusing on evidence-based management practices in different functional areas of management with the application of theory and empirical techniques.

    This book will be helpful to practitioners, academics, scholars, and policymakers.



    About the Editors

    PART I Evidence Based Financial Management

    1. Insurance Buying Motives for Sustainable Financial Goals

    Vijaykumar Dhannur and Shubham Mohan Kusane

    2. Fintech Payments as a Facilitator of Value Co-Creation—A Theoretical Framework

    Saumya Singh and Antora Dutta

    3. Lack of Evidence Based Management (EBM) of Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) in Regional Rural Banks (RRBs)

    D. S. Chauhan

    4. Empirical Investigation of Heckscher Ohlin Theory on India’s Foreign Trade

    Shri Prakash and Sonia Anand Dhir

    5. Indicators of Risk Management in Banking Sector

    Gaganpreet Kaur

    6. Implied Volatility, Risk Premium and Option Mispricing: An Examination of Information Efficiency of Options Market

    Vijay Kumar Sharma and Satinder Bhatia

    7. Determinants of Working Capital Efficiency of Indian MSME’s: An Empirical Evidence

    Deepak Kumar Tripathi and Saurabh Chadha

    8. Financial Inclusion and Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana: Evidence From Durg District

    Ankita Tripathi, Dr. Ravish Kumar Soni and RajKumar

    9. Comparative Analysis of the Financial Structures of Germany and Japan

    Nikkita Gupta

    10. Effects of Digitisation on Banknote Durability

    Arunima Asthana, Tanmoy Kr. Banerjee and Shubhamoy Dey

    11. Assessing Investment Attractiveness—Developing Economies Perspective

    Leena Ajit Kaushal

    12. Sustainable FDI Inflows in Emerging Economies-Indian Perspective

    Leena Ajit Kaushal

    13. A Descriptive Study of the Role of Microfinance in Sustainable Development and its Challenges


    14. The Impact of Cryptocurrency on the Growth Prospect of Indian Economy

    V. Rithul and Varnita Srivastava

    15. Economic Burden of Non-Communicable Diseases and Challenges of Health Insurance Coverage: Insights from Primary Survey

    Varsha Shukla and Rahul Arora

    16. Interconnectedness Between Foreign Portfolio Investors and Market Returns: Evidence from Asymmetric Exponential GARCH Model

    Faisal Usmani and Imlak Shaikh

    17. Impact of Bitcoin Price on the Energy Consumption and Further Estimating its Carbon Footprint

    Nishant Sapra and Imlak Shaikh

    18. Causality between Defense Expenditure and Economic Growth in India

    Prashant Ishwarlal Vadikar and Imlak Shaikh

    19. A Study on Financial Literacy amongst the Rural and Urban Area of Surat District

    Vijaykumar Gondaliya and Nisarg Shah

    20. Portfolio Management Using OPM% Based Dynamic Allocation Strategy

    Deepak Sharma

    21. A Brief Appraisal on Tourism Finance Corporation of India

    Kurma Sankara Rao

    22. Bibliometric Analysis of Behavioral Finance with Vos Viewer: Last Twenty-Five Year

    Girish Garg and Seema Thakur

    PART II Evidence Based Human Resource Management

    23. Changing Paradigms in Training Methods: A Bibliometric Review

    A. Naga Ramani and Jayashree Mahesh

    24. How Emotions Experienced at Home Impact Employee’s Stress at Work: A study on Indian Working Professionals Working in India

    Shridhar Gokhale and Raina Chhajer

    25. Unwrap the Roles of Green Human Resource Management Practices with the Mediating Role of Green Innovation

    Jyoti Kamboj and Eronimus A.

    26. An Integrative Framework of Employees’ Flourishing-at-work

    Meera Peethambaran, Mohammad Faraz Naim and Saurabh Sugha

    27. Does Learning Enhance the Psychological Well-Being of Employees at Work? A Pilot Exploration

    Anurag Chadha and Raina Chhajer

    28. Effect of Human Resource Practices on Employees’ Behavioral Outcome in Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NlC) India Ltd, Neyveli

    R. Ramachandran

    29. Dark Tetrad and Work-Life Balance: A Case Study on Married Doctoral Students

    Akash Dubey, Rajneesh Choubisa and Jerin V. Philipose

    30. Academic Adjustment and Gratitude in College Students: A First-Hand Evidence from a Psychological Perspective

    Jerin V Philipose, Akash Dubey and Rajneesh Choubisa

    31. Work Environment: A Review of Established Scales from 50 Years of Literature

    Shipra Pandey and Jayashree Mahesh

    32. Role Stressors and Burnout: Examining the Mediating Role of Rumination

    Nidhi S. Bisht and Arun Kumar Tripathy

    PART III Evidence Based Marketing Management

    33. Performance Prediction of Amazon Ad Campaigns Through Past Performance Data Using Machine Learning

    Pratyut Sharma

    34. Social Media Influencer as a Winning Strategy for Influencing Purchasing Decision of Teenage Segment

    Nidhi, Preeti Thakur and Rakesh Kumar Gupta

    35. Interaction Behavior of Customers in Viral Marketing: An Analysis of its Impact on Customer Opinions

    Amrit Kaur, Harmeen Soch and Sunpreet Kaur

    36. Talking the Walk: Conceptualizing Antecedents and Consequences of Greenhushing

    Anand Thakur, Kavita Singla and Kamini Singla

    37. A Bibliometric Review of Greenwashing Research by Using Co-occurrence Analysis and Bibliographic Coupling

    Sakshi Goyal, Harshika Sondhi and Praveen Goyal

    38. Marketing Metrics and Advertisement Campaign Budget: A VECM Approach

    Venkat Narasimhan R., Udayan Chanda and Yashvardhan Sharma

    39. An Analytical Study on Green Skin Care Products: Impact on Consumer Purchase Intention

    Anu Grover and Hareesh Kumar T.

    40. An Analytical Study on the Usage of Debit Card and Credit Card in Indian Economy

    Ruchi Gupta, W. Ramana Rao and Muskan Diwan

    41. Experiential Perspective and Technology Adoption of Digital Educational Ecology Amid Pandemic Context

    Virendra Singh Nirban, Tanu Shukla and Mounika Prashanthi Vavilala

    42. Impact of Seed Type and Fertilizer on Pearl Millet Yield: A Descriptive Study in Selected Districts of Rajasthan

    Nikita Dhankar, Srikanta Routroy and Satyendra Kr. Sharma

    43. Adoption and Usage of the Electronic National Agriculture Market: A Literature Review

    Nirankush Dutta, Udayan Chanda and S. R. Singh

    44. Agro-tourism: A Literature Review

    Praveen Goyal, Saurabh Chadha and S. R. Singh

    45. Performance of Farmer Producer Organisations in Rajasthan: An Empirical Assessment

    Krishna Muniyoor, Sabhya Yadav, Rajan Pandey, Satyendra Kumar Sharma and Srikanta Routroy

    46. Greenwash Perception and Sustainable Consumer Purchase Behaviour

    Bharti Ramtiyal and Paras Garg, Gunjan Soni

    PART IV: Evidence Based Operations and Information Management

    47. Retailer’s Ordering Policy Under Influence of Inflation and Dynamic Potential Market Size in a Supply Chain System

    Alok Kumar, Jitendra Kumar Das and Udayan Chanda

    48. Designing a Robust Supply Chain Model for the Distribution of—‘COVAXIN’

    Ankur Roy, Imlak Sheikh and Satyendra K. Sharma

    49. Identification and Extraction of Retailer’s Expectations in the Last-Mile Delivery

    Krishna Veer Tiwari*, Leela Rani and Satyendra Kumar Sharma

    50. Supply Risk Indicators to Assess Location and Environmental Risk

    Ankur Roy, Imlak Shaikh and Satyendra K. Sharma

    51. An Indian Approach to AI Policy: A Comparative Study Between Three Sectors

    Anand R. Navaratna and Deepak Saxena

    52. CTR Prediction: A Bibliometric Review of Scientific Literature

    Arti Jha, Yashvardhan Sharma and Udayan Chanda

    53. An Investigation into Understanding Consumer Opinion About Adoption of Electric Vehicles Using Machine Learning

    Pooja, Abhishek Tripathi and Yatish Joshi

    54. Click-Through Rate: An Overview of Scientific Research in Management

    Venkat Narasimhan R, Udayan Chanda and Yashvardhan Sharma

    55. Consumer’s Safety Concerns on Fire Hazards and Readiness of Electric Vehicle Batteries in India

    Vikash Joshi and Payal Phulwani

    56. Policy Uncertainty and Purchasing Managers’ Index

    Imlak Shaikh

    57. Food Waste Management in BITS Pilani

    Ujjwal Aggarwal and Arkya Aditya

    58. Assessment of EVs Adoption in India Using AHP-BWM Approach

    Sudhanshu Ranjan Singh, Abhijeet K. Digalwar and Srikanta Routroy

    59. Identification and Analysis of Health Parameters for the Development of a Mobile App and Sensor Based Wearable Health Band

    Mayuri Digalwar, Dinesh Tundalwar, Rashmi Pandhare and Abhijeet Digalwar

    60. Risk Propagation Modelling for Agri-Food Supply Chain: An Indian perspective

    Khalid Hussain Ansari, Srikanta Routroy, Shailender Singh and Krishna Muniyoor

    61. Impact of External Risk Factors on Indian Road Construction Supply Chain Performance

    Anubhav Tiwari, Prasanta K. Sahu, Shailender Singh and Srikanta Routroy

    62. Analysis of Impetus for Formal E-Waste Management System in India

    Varun Kumar, Om Ji Shukla and Saurabh Tripathi

    63. Long Term Business Planning to Mitigate Ill-effects of Natural Calamities

    Rajkumar Sharma and Satyendra Kumar Sharma

    64. Analyzing the Impact of Agri Supply Chain Management Strategies on Farmers’ Incomes

    C. V. Sunil Kumar and M. L. N. Rao

    PART V: Evidence Based Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship

    65. Winner-Take-All Strategy in Digital Platform Market: A Theoretical Exposition

    Shatakshi Bourai, Neetu Yadav and Rahul Arora

    66. Business Networks and Strategic Orientation Help Firms Navigate the Dynamic Nature of Business, Leading to Product Innovation

    Amit Kumar Gupta

    67. Sustainability Practices: A Case Study of State Bank of India

    Yatisha Kalia

    68. Value Appropriation in Inter-firm Coopetitive Alliances: Case of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

    Roopesh Kumar, Anil Bhat and Neetu Yadav

    69. DIVA’S of Enterprise: A Study of Constraining Factors Affecting Women Entrepreneurs in India

    Kirti Malik, Pooja Yadav, Sonam Sachdeva and Harshika Sondhi

    70. Bibliographic Analysis and Strategic Management Research in India

    B. S. Rathore, Nardeep Kumar Maheshwari and Sunita Verma

    71. Enabling Sustainable Entrepreneurial Intentions Through the Fintech Ecosystem and Entrepreneurship Education Ecosystem: Does Sustainable Orientation Matter?

    Manpreet Rajpal and Bindu Singh

    72. Opinion of Students Pursuing Higher Education on Online Learning During COVID-19 Pandemic: Review of Literature and a Sample Survey

    Deepti Shetty and Vidya S. Gurav

    73. Exploring a Mediating Role of Entrepreneurial Passion Between Individual Entrepreneurial Orientation and Social Entrepreneurship Linkage: A Conceptual Framework

    Shefali Srivastava and Bindu Singh

    74. Evidential Insights: Factors Affecting Higher Education Readiness

    Tanu Shukla, Virendra Singh Nirban and Deepanjana Chakraborty

    75. Choice of Expansion Modes: A Capabilities Perspective

    Arun Kumar Tripathy

    76. ESG Disclosures and Firm Performances—Evidence from India Inc.

    Tulika Bal and Ashutosh Dash


    Satyendra Kumar Sharma; Associate Professor, Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS), Pilani

    Praveen Goyal; Associate Professor, Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS), Pilani

    Udayan Chanda; Associate Professor, Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS), Pilani