2nd Edition

Handbook of Flow Visualization

By Wen Jei Yang Copyright 2001
    724 Pages 83 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This edition compiles all major techniques of flow visualization and demonstrates their applications in all fields of science and technology. Chapters added to the edition cover flow visualization applications in large wind tunnels and the use of infrared cameras for airplane and automobile testing.

    Part I Fundamentals: 1.Introduction 2.Fluid Dynamics 3.Heat and Mass Transfer Fundamentals for Flow Visualization Part 2: 4.Liquids 5.Gases 6.Sparks Tracing and Electric Discharge 7.Surface Tracing Methods 8.Liquid Crystals 9.Tufts 10.Streaming Birefringence 11.Optical Deflectometry by Speckle Photography 12.Shadowgraph and Schlieren 13.Interferometry 14.Light Sheet Technique 15.Planar Fluorescence Imaging in Gases Part 3:Image Processing and Computer-Assisted Methods 16.Digital Processing of Interferograms 17.Optical Image Processing 18.Ultrasonic Image Processing 19.Cardiac Image Processing 20.Optical Tomography 21.Thermography 22.Flow Solutions 23.Flow-Field Survey Data 24.Computer-Aided Flow Visualization Part 4:Applications 25.Aerospace and Wind Tunnel Testing 26.Smoke Flow Visualization in Large Tunnels and Flight Testing Using the Flying Strut Traverser 27.Infrared Cameras for Boundary Layer Transition Visualization 28.Water Tunnel Testing 29.Internal Flows 30.Vortices 31.Explosive Flows:Shock Tubes and Blast Waves 32.Interferometry in Heat and Mass Transfer on Earth and in Space 33.Double-Diffusive Convection 34.Infrared Thermography in Convective Heat Transfer 35.Multiphase Flow and Pulsed-Light Velocimetry 36.Gas Turbine Disk Cooling Flows 37.Coronary Arteries 38.Cardiovascular Systems 39.Medicine and Biology 40.Indoor Environments 41.Agriculture 42.Building Aerodynamics 43.Land Vehicles Index


    Wen Jei Yang