Handbook of Hematologic Pathology  book cover
1st Edition

Handbook of Hematologic Pathology

ISBN 9780824701703
Published April 28, 2000 by CRC Press
792 Pages

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Book Description

This handy reference demonstrates how to use blood, plasma, serum, instrumentation, bone marrow, lymph nodes, and splenic tissue to establish diagnosis, emphasizing practical information to aid in the operation of an efficient hematology laboratory and highlighting up-to-date investigative procedures.
Supplies case studies to allow for self-testing in hematopathology and coagulation!
Gathering contributions from nearly 40 experts in the field and including more than 1450 references, tables, drawings, micrographs, and photographs, the Handbook of Hematologic Pathology

  • highlights the need for peripheral blood smear (PBS) review to supplement the quantitative analysis of automated instruments
  • focuses on the importance of clinical correlation in bone marrow evaluation and interpretation
  • addresses leukemia and lymphoma
  • examines clonal stem cell disorders characterized by self-perpetuating and differentiating proliferation
  • considers common causes of a hypercoagulable state associated with intrinsic circulating plasma factors
  • details inherited and acquired reactive leukocyte disorders
  • describes assessing cell lineage and stage of differentiation with monoclonal antibodies
  • summarizes the results of immunologic and molecular studies of Hodgkin's disease
  • explores the mechanisms of action, dosage, therapeutic monitoring, and complications associated with anticoagulants
  • discusses mechanisms of surgical bleeding and laboratory assessment
  • differentiates between acquired and congenital bleeding disorders and emphasizes laboratory test selection for diagnosis and successful therapy
  • clarifies the complexity of coagulation instrumentation and offers insight into the recognition of procedural or instrument errors and interfering medications
  • outlines blood and blood component therapy options used in the management of bleeding disorders
  • and more!
    Presenting brief illustrative examples that elucidate specific clinical problems, the Handbook of Hematologic Pathology is an exceptional reference for clinical and experimental hematologists; pathologists; hematopathologists; medical, surgical, radiation, and research oncologists; immunologists; molecular and cell biologists; and medical school and graduate students in these disciplines.
  • Table of Contents

    Hodgkin's Disease, Lynne V. Abruzzo, L. Jeffrey Medeiros, and Kojo S.J. Elenitoba-Johnson
    Histiocytosis and Lipid Storage Diseases, Salwa Shabbir Sheikh and David F. Garvin
    Benign Disorders of Leukocytes, Gene L. Gulati, Zoran Gatalica, and Bong H. Hyun
    Acute Leukemia and Myelodysplastic Syndromes, Mark D. Brissette and James D. Cotelingam
    Chronic Leukemias, Scott J. Graham and James D. Cotelingam
    Myeloproliferative Disorders, Powers Peterson
    Anemia: Approach to Diagnosis, William F. Baker, Jr.
    Iron Deficiency Anemia, Donald Skoog and James Newland
    Megaloblastic Anemias, Lo-Ann C. Peterson
    Anemias of Chronic Disorders and Nonhemolytic Normochromic, Normocytic Anemias,
    Robert T. Means, Jr.
    Sideroblastic Anemia and Porphyrias, Lawrence Kass
    Anemias of Bone Marrow Failure, Robert T. Means, Jr.
    Hemoglobinopathies and Thalassemias, Donald L. Rucknagel
    Hemolytic Anemias: General Considerations, Robert T. Means, Jr.
    Hemolytic Anemia Associated with Red Cell Membrane Defects, John C. Winkelmann
    Abnormal Red Cell Metabolism, Abdus Saleem
    Immune Hemolytic Anemias, Joseph P. Yoe and Robert A. Sacher
    Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Methemoglobinemia, and Sulfhemoglobinemia, Ronald L. Nagel
    Practical Approach to Molecular Biology in Hematopathology, Anwar Mikhael and Harold R. Schumacher
    Coagulation Theory, Principles, and Concepts, Robert F. Baugh
    Laboratory Instrumentation, Reagents, Methods, and Patient Sample as Variables in Coagulation, James A. Cook and William A. Rock, Jr.
    The Decision Process in the Laboratory Diagnosis and Management of Bleeding and Clotting Disorders, William A. Rock, Jr.
    Concepts of Replacement Therapy: Blood Components, Blood Derivatives, and Medications , Francis R. Rodwig, Jr.
    Hereditary Cause for Plasma Clotting Bleeding, Aubrey A. Lurie
    Congenital Platelet Dysfunction and von Willebrand Disease, Jonathan L. Miller
    Acquired Bleeding Disorders Associated with Disease and Medications, William A. Rock, Jr., and Sue D. Walker
    Acquired Bleeding Disorders Associated with the Character of the Surgery, William A. Rock, Jr., and Robert F. Baugh,
    Anticoagulation, Louis M. Fink,
    Hereditary and Acquired Causes of a Hypercoagulable State, Robert Fairweather
    Quality Control and Quality Assurance in Hematology, Bradley E. Copeland

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    …well written and organized....a valuable source of practical information applicable to patient care.
    "- Doody's Health Sciences Book Review Journal

    ...it was a pleasure to read this text because [the] 'first-hand' experience [of the authors] can be felt throughout the book.
    ...strongly recommend[ed] to residents and fellow in hematopathology.
    - Modern Pathology, 2000

    The authors provide up-to-date knowledge and information on how to use blood, plasma, serum, bone marrow, lymph nodes, splenic tissues, and instrumentation to establish diagnoses....the authors provide useful insights into the mechanisms underlying the disorders. In addition, the presentation of study cases at the end of each chapter, which include questions for self-assessment, is a very attractive feature of this book.
    ...Written in a simple and easy-to-read style, this book will capture the interests of a wide audience engaged in or dependent on laboratory hematology....a valuable addition to a personal library.
    - International Journal of Hematology, 2001