1st Edition

Handbook of Human Factors in Litigation

Edited By Y. Ian Noy, Waldemar Karwowski Copyright 2004
    812 Pages 77 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Using ergonomics in forensics can help prevent the recurrence of system failures through engineering or administrative controls. It can also raise the level of concern among professionals and the public regarding product, workplace, and service safety due to perceived exposure to liability. Even with such a potentially important and broad impact, forensic human factors is a subject that is neither taught nor systematically practiced. There is little documentation to help develop a knowledge of the field in a systematic way, nor is there a large pool of qualified practitioners.

    The Handbook of Human Factors in Litigation provides a comprehensive reference that provides the tools necessary for the preparation, analysis, and presentation of forensic evidence. Compiled by experienced, internationally respected authors, this handbook represents the state-of-the-art in the application of ergonomics to forensic investigation. It contains information on the litigation process, forensic approaches and methods, important scientific data in the major application areas, and valuable case studies.

    For legal and forensic practitioners, this handbook will serve as an indispensable reference and as the foundation for further development of formal study in the field. For product and workplace designers and managers, it is a useful tool in the management of exposure to liability.

    The Discipline of Human Factors Engineering and Ergonomics
    Martin G. Helander
    Preparing and Presenting Evidence in Court
    Daniel A. Bronstein
    Presenting Behavioral Science Data as Legal Evidence: Legal Standards that the Ergonomic and Human Factors Expert Needs to Know
    Allen K. Hess
    Practical Ethics for the Expert Witness in Ergonomics and Human Factors Forensic Cases
    Allen K. Hess
    A Roadmap for the Practice of Forensic Human Factors and Ergonomics
    William B. Askren and John M. Howard
    Can Training for Safe Practices Reduce the Risk of Organizational Liability?
    Katherine A. Wilson, Heather A. Priest, Eduardo Salas, and C. Shawn Burke
    The Influence of Daubert on Expert Witness Testimony - The Human Factors Context
    Jone McFadden Papinchock and Frank J. Landy
    Reconstructing Situated Performance in Human Error Investigations
    Sidney W. A. Dekker
    Causation Issues in Workers' Compensation
    Roger C. Jensen and Francisco J. Bricio
    Legal Issues in Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders: A European Perspective from the U.K.
    Vincent Kelly and Jason Devereux
    Age and Functioning in the Legal System: Victims, Witnesses, and Jurors
    Deborah Davis and Elizabeth F. Loftus
    Memory for Conversation.
    Deborah Davis, Markus Kemmelmeier, and William C. Follette
    Human Factors in Traffic Crashes
    Rudolf G. Mortimer, Richard D. Blomberg, Gerson J. Alexander, and Evelyn Vingilis
    Estimating Driver Response Times
    Jeffrey W. Muttart
    Pedestrian Injury Issues in Litigation
    Richard A. Olsen
    Pedestrian Accidents in Traffic
    Robert Dewar
    Commercial Motor Vehicle Collisions
    Dennis Wylie
    Human Factors Issues in Motorcycle Collisions
    P.A. Hancock, T. Oron-Gilad, and D.R. Thom
    Perceptual-Cognitive and Biomechanical Factors in Pedestrian Falls
    H. Harvey Cohen and Cindy A. LaRue
    Measurement in Pedestrian Falls
    Daniel Johnson
    Balcony Falls
    Magdalen Galley
    Preplacement Strength and Capacity Assessment for Manual Materials Handling Jobs
    Patrick G. Dempsey
    Identifying the Real Issues in Work-Related Upper Limb Disorders
    Celine McKeown
    Exercise Injuries: Human Factors in Fitness Facilities
    Max Hely
    Preventing "Accidental" Injury: Accountability for Safer Products by Anticipating Product Risks and User Behaviors
    Stuart M. Statler
    Human Factors Issues to Be Considered by Product Liability Experts
    Alison G. Vredenburgh and Ilene B. Zackowitz
    Products Liability Law: What Engineering Experts Need to Know *
    Dick Moll
    Human-Centric Approach to Forensic Analysis for System Liability
    Gary M. Bakken
    Product Liability for the Human Factors Practitioner
    Ron Wardell
    The Warning Expert
    Kenneth R. Laughery and Michael S. Wogalter
    Effectiveness of Consumer Product Warnings: Design and Forensic Considerations
    Michael S. Wogalter and Kenneth R. Laughery
    Legibility of Warnings in Color
    Thomy Nilsson and Murray Kaiserman
    A Human Factors View of Product Liability and Malpractice Litigation
    Martin I. Kurke
    The Impact of Shiftwork on Manufacturing and Transportation Workers
    Donald I. Tepas
    Preschoolers, Adolescents, and Seniors: Age-Related Factors Pertaining to Forensic Human Factors Analyses
    Ilene B. Zackowitz and Alison G. Vredenburgh
    Sexual Harassment: a Forensic Human Factors Perspective
    Alison G. Vredenburgh and Ilene B. Zackowitz
    Health Care Forensics
    Christopher Nemeth
    A Guide to Forensic Human Factors Terminology
    David A. Thompson, H. Harvey Cohen, Donald P. Horst, Daniel A. Johnson, and Richard A. Olsen