1st Edition

Handbook of Human Toxicology

Edited By Edward J. Massaro Copyright 1997
    1128 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Covering some of the most important topics in modern toxicology, the Handbook of Human Toxicology is a unique and valuable addition to the current literature. It addresses issues, answers questions, and provides data related to. Within each of these five major sections are several carefully selected topics that reflect the current state of human toxicology. From tissue uptake of mercury to the effects of drugs on immune systems, the text provides much-needed information quickly and easily.

    Metals Toxicology
    Section Edited by Y. James Kang
    Methods of Metals Toxicology, A. Naganuma, J. Yoshinaga, Y. Aoki, A. Yasutake, K. Hirayama, Y. Imai, and S. Koizumi
    Occupational and Environmental Exposures, C. Winder, C.-L. Bai, and N.H. Stacey
    Metal Metabolism and Toxicities, D.M. Medeiros, R. Wildman, and R. Liebes
    Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Metal Toxicities, M.D. Enger and Y.J. Kang
    Tissue Uptake and Subcellular Distribution of Mercury, E.J. Massaro
    Nutrition and Toxicology
    Section Edited by Gregory D. Miller
    Using Food Consumption Data to Determine Exposure to Toxins, J.S. Douglass, K.H. Fleming, L.M Barraj, and J.T Heimback
    Nutrition, Pharmacology, and Toxicology: A Dialectic, D. Raiten
    Toxic Agents, Chemosensory Function, and Diet, K. Rankin and R. Mattes
    Essential and Nonessential Mineral Interactions, G.D. Mill and S. Groziak
    Naturally Occurring Orally Active Dietary Carcinogens, J. Scimeca
    Inhalation Toxicology
    Section Edited by Daniel L. Morgan
    Structure and Function of the Respiratory Tract, K.E. Pinkerton, J.R. Harkema, D.M. Hyde, J.T. McBride, R.R. Mercer, K.T. Morgan, C.G. Plopper, J.A. St. George, and W.S. Tyler
    Disposition of Inhaled Toxicants, R.B. Schlesinger, A. Ben-Jebria, and A.R. Dahl
    Respiratory Responses to Inhaled Toxicants, J.Q. Koenig and D.L. Luchtel
    Methods in Human Inhalation Toxicology, L.J Folinsbee, C.S. Kim, H.R. Kehrl, J.D. Prah, and R.B. Devlin
    Section Edited by Kathleen E. Rodgers
    Introduction, K.E. Rodgers
    Immunotoxicology Methods, R.V. House
    Immunotoxicology of Therapeutic Patients, E.E. Sikorski and H.G. Haggerty
    Effects of Drugs on Immune System Parameters, W.-J. Wu, E.J. Carson, S.D. Collier, D. Keil, P.A. Weiss, and S. Pruett
    Metal Immunotoxicology, J. Zelikoff, T.P. McManus, and M.D. Cohen
    Effects of Pesticides and Organic Solvents on Immune System Parameters, J. Barnett
    Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology
    Section Edited by James L. Schardein
    Biology of Reproduction and Methods in Assessing Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity in Humans, I.O. Obasanjo and C.L. Hughes
    Male Reproductive Toxicity, S.M. Schrader
    Female Reproductive Toxicity, A.R. Scialli and C.F. Colie
    Developmental Toxicity, D.A. Beckman, L.B. Fawcett, and R.L. Brent


    Edward J. Massaro