1st Edition

Handbook of Juvenile Justice Theory and Practice

Edited By Barbara Sims, Pamela Preston Copyright 2006
    732 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Too often professionals in public policy or criminal justice must scramble to find additional reading on juvenile law and justice or on juvenile delinquency topics because most references and textbooks provide inadequate coverage of many issues of importance. The Handbook of Juvenile Justice: Theory and Practice responds to this need by providing comprehensive coverage of this important field of study.

    Resulting from lengthy analysis by the editors about what are identified as the most pressing issues in the field, this volume contains contributions from recognized experts, many of whom are published with the American Society of Criminology and the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. These authors deliver a balanced representation of theoretical, research, policy, and legal materials associated with the juvenile justice system. The book presents both historical and modern accounts of critical issues, and includes a policy approach to issues of delinquency, status offense, treatment, punishment, special populations, and early intervention programs. This text is ideal as a resource for professionals studying juvenile justice and its impact on public policy.

    The Development of a Separate Justice System for Juveniles
    History of the Treatment of and Attitudes toward Children, Allan L. Patenaude
    Nineteenth Century Antecedents to the Twentieth Century Juvenile Court, James L. Hague
    The Extension of Constitutional Rights to Juveniles, Katherine Bennett
    Explaining Delinquency: Theory and Practice
    Theoretical Explanations for Juvenile Delinquency, Barbara Sims
    Delinquent Girls, Suman Kakar
    Gender-Specific Intervention for Female Delinquents, Kristi Holsinger
    The Relationship between Childhood Maltreatment and Delinquency, Marilyn Chandler Ford
    Effective Social Control Measures in School and Community Programs: Implications for Policy and Practice, Carrie M. Butler and Ted R. Watkins
    The Extent and Nature of Juvenile Delinquency
    The Myth of the Juvenile Superpredator, Karen S. Miller, Gary W. Potter, and Victor E. Kappeler
    The Emerging Problem of Preppie Gangs in America, Gordon A. Crews, Johnny R. Purvis, and Mary Hjelm
    Juvenile Cybercrime: An Exploration of Theoretical and Legal Implications, Edward J. Girard
    Juvenile Stalkers: An Introduction, Deborah L. Laufersweiler-Dwyer and R. Gregg Dwyer
    Policing and Prosecuting the Youthful Offender
    Police Organizations and Problem-Solving Strategies for Juvenile Intervention: Identifying Crucial Elements, John D. McCluskey, Timothy S. Bynum, Sean P. Varano, Beth M. Huebner, Justin W. Patchin, and Amanda Burgess-Proctor
    Juvenile Curfews: The Recent Increase of Its Use, Janice Ahmad and James Ruiz
    Prosecuting Juvenile Offenders, Leanne Owen
    Issues Associated With Juvenile Waiver, Craig Hemmens and Benjamin Steiner
    Status Offenders: Early History and Contemporary Policies and Programs, Catherine E. Burton and Sharon K. Tracy

    Special Juvenile Populations

    The Disabled Juvenile Offender, Pamela Preston
    Juvenile Sex Offenders: An Overview, R. Gregg Dwyer and Deborah L. Laufersweiler-Dwyer
    The Treatment of Adolescent Sex Offenders, Louis Veneziano and Carol Veneziano
    Utilizing Applied Behavior Analysis with Juvenile Sexual Offenders, Michael Weinberg, Scott LeGrand, and E. K. McIntyre
    The Complexities of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Research in American Indian Communities, Lisa Bond-Maupin
    Using Culture and Social Structure to Predict Gang Affiliation among Mexican American Adolescent Females, Rebecca D. Petersen and David Olveda
    Understanding and Treating the Substance Addicted Juvenile, Ernest L. Cowles and Rebekah J. Lanphierd

    Juvenile Corrections

    Juvenile Diversion Programs, Robert L. Marsh and Steven B. Patrick
    Juvenile Placement and Programming, Kate King and Sarah Settles
    Restorative Justice Programming, Karan Kell White
    Capital Punishment and Juveniles, Allan L. Patenaude and Megan Reynolds
    Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment among Staff of Juvenile Correctional Facilities, Kevin I. Minor, James B. Wells, and Earl Angel

    Other Critical Issues in Juvenile Justice

    School Violence: Myth or Reality, Lisa Hutchinson Wallace
    The Adolescent Victim of School Violence: Social and Situational Risk Factors, Christopher J. Schreck, Thomas Ellsworth, John Shutt, and J. Mitchell Miller
    Juvenile Justice: Answering the Question of Black Disproportionality, Everette B. Penn
    Kids, Cops, and School-Based Drug Prevention: The Legacy and Relilience of Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE), David Mueller
    Is It Time to Abolish the Juvenile Justice System? Tory J. Caeti and Eric J. Fritsch


    Barbara Sims, Pamela Preston