1st Edition

Handbook of Lichenology Volume 3

Edited By Margalith Galun Copyright 1988
    148 Pages
    by CRC Press

    148 Pages
    by CRC Press

    First published in 1988: This easy-to-read handbook provides a comprehensive review of the current knowledge on lichens. The structure of lichens and their dual nature is explained, as well as the physiology of interaction of the symbionts. The way lichens reproduce and their ecology is included, with methods for cultivating them and their isolated symbionts. Extremely useful as a text of lichenology, this handbook will benefit students of lichenology and allied fields, those interested in symbiotic associations and ecology, and teachers of biology, botany, and ecology courses.

    Section 9: Chemical Constituents of Lichens

    9A. Secondary Metabolic Products

    Margalith Galun and Adiva Shomer-Ilan

    9B. Storage Products of Lichens

    Philip A.J. Gorin, Madalena Baron, and Marcello Iaocomini

    9C. Pigments

    9C.1. Carotenoids

    Bazyli Czeczuga

    9C.2. Phycobiliproteins

    Bazyli Czeczuga

    Section 10: Principles of Classification and Main Taxonomic Groups

    10. Principles of Classification and Main Taxonomic Groups

    Josef Hafellner

    Section 11: Interaction of Lichens and Pollutants

    11. Interaction of Lichens and Pollutants

    Margalith Galun and Reuven Ronen

    Section 12: Other Uses of Lichens

    12A. The Use of Lichens in Dating

    John L. Innes

    12B. Medicinal and Other Economic Aspects of Lichens

    David H.S. Richardson

    12C. Lichens and Pedogenesis

    David Jones

    Section 13: Methods for Cultivating Lichens and Ioslated Bionts

    13. Methods for Cultivating for Cultivating Lichens and Isolated Bionts

    Paul Bubrick



    Margalith Galun, Ph.D. is Professor at The George S. Wise Faculty of Life Science of Tel Aviv University.