Handbook of Lubrication and Tribology, Volume II : Theory and Design, Second Edition book cover
2nd Edition

Handbook of Lubrication and Tribology, Volume II
Theory and Design, Second Edition

Edited By

Robert W. Bruce

ISBN 9781420069082
Published July 6, 2012 by CRC Press
1169 Pages 514 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Since the publication of the best-selling first edition, the growing price and environmental cost of energy have increased the significance of tribology. Handbook of Lubrication and Tribology, Volume II: Theory and Design, Second Edition demonstrates how the principles of tribology can address cost savings, energy conservation, and environmental protection. This second edition provides a thorough treatment of established knowledge and practices, along with detailed references for further study.

Written by the foremost experts in the field, the book is divided into four sections. The first reviews the basic principles of tribology, wear mechanisms, and modes of lubrication. The second section covers the full range of lubricants/coolants, including mineral oil, synthetic fluids, and water-based fluids. In the third section, the contributors describe many wear- and friction-reducing materials and treatments, which are currently the fastest growing areas of tribology, with announcements of new coatings, better performance, and new vendors being made every month. The final section presents components, equipment, and designs commonly found in tribological systems. It also examines specific industrial areas and their processes.

Sponsored by the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers, this handbook incorporates up-to-date, peer-reviewed information for tackling tribological problems and improving lubricants and tribological systems. The book shows how the proper use of generally accepted tribological practices can save money, conserve energy, and protect the environment.

Table of Contents

Theory and Practice of Lubrication and Tribology
Kenneth C Ludema
Surface Analysis
Irwin L. Singer
Christopher A. Brown
Contact Mechanics
George G. Adams
Peter J. Blau
Wear: A Synoptic View
Shyam Bahadur
Adhesive Wear
Kyriakos Komvopoulos
Abrasive Wear
Koji Kato
Rolling Contact Fatigue Wear
Michael N. Kotzalas
Thomas N. Farris and N. Sundaram
Awatef A. Hamed
Oxidative Wear
John R. Nicholls and Richard G. Wellman
Wear Models
Kenneth Holmberg and Anssi Laukkanen
Robert L. Jackson
Hydrostatic Lubrication
Gregory J. Kostrzewsky
Hydrodynamic Lubrication
John A. Tichy
Compressible Gas Film Lubrication
Luis San Andrés
Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication
Farshid Sadeghi and Trevor Slack
Mixed Lubrication
Martin N. Webster
Boundary Lubrication and Boundary Lubricating Films
Hugh Spikes
Additive Technology
Elaine S. Yamaguchi, Gaurav Bhalla, and Vincent J. Gatto

Robert W. Bruce
Incompressible Fluids
Ronald A. Reich and James R. Anglin
Base Oils
Joseph M. Perez and Kimberly Wain Fick
Additives for Lubricants
Leslie R. Rudnick
Scott S. Bair
Lubricant Application
Paul W. Hetherington and Evan S. Zabawski
Lubricating Grease
Paul A. Bessette
Solid Lubricants
Robert W. Bruce
Metalworking Lubricants
Gregory J. Foltz
Hydraulic Fluids
James B. Hannon
Fluid Maintenance
Allison M. Toms and George J.W. Staniewski

Wear Materials
Wear Materials
William A. Glaeser and Robert W. Bruce
Friction and Wear of Polymer Materials
Thierry A. Blanchet
Thomas W. Scharf
Wear and Lubrication of Ceramics
Said Jahanmir
Composite Materials
Li Chang and Klaus Friedrich
Coatings and Surface Treatments
Arup Gangopadhyay
Low Friction Coatings
Thomas W. Scharf
Wear Coating and Treatments
Gary L. Doll and Allan Matthews
Coatings and Surface Treatments: Interactions with Lubricants
Staffan Jacobson

Design for Lubrication and Tribology
Design for Lubrication and Tribology
Robert W. Bruce
Fluid Film (Hydrodynamic) Lubrication
Andras Z. Szeri
Journal Bearings
John C. Nicholas
Thrust Bearings
Scan M. DeCamillo and Bruce R. Fabijonas
Hydrodynamic Step and Wedge Bearings
Theo G. Keith, Sorin Cioc, and L. Moraru
Compliant Foil Bearing Technology: An Overview
Hooshang Heshmat
Components with Nonconforming Contacts
Andrew V. Olver
Lubrication of Rolling Element Bearings
E. Ioannides and Guillermo E. Morales-Espejel
Gear Lubrication
Robert F. Handschuh
Andrew V. Olver
Lubrication Oil Systems
Jan Ploszaj, Hooshang Heshmat, and George J.W. Staniewski
Surface Texturing
Izhak Etsion
Sliding Bearings
Timothy Alan Parsons and Jianpeng Feng
Magnetic Bearings
Alan B. Palazzolo, Zhiyang Wang, Jung Gu Lee, Albert F. Kascak,
and Andrew J. Provenza
Face Seals
Tom W. Lai
Lip Seals
Robert K. Flitney
Brake and Clutch
Roberto C. Dante, Carlo Navire, and Bruno Tron
Automotive Tribology
Edward P. Becker
Turbomachinery Tribology
William D. Marscher
Natural and Artificial Human Joints
Francis E. Kennedy and Douglas W. Van Citters
Nuclear Reactor Power Station Lubrication
Ken J. Brown and Steven Lemberger
Space Mechanism Lubrication
Stuart Loewenthal
Magnetic Storage
Nan Liu and David B. Bogy
Richard S. Cowan
Tribology Testing
Terry L. Merriman


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Robert W. Bruce is the principal engineer tribology at General Electric Aviation. He was president of the STLE from 2008 to 2009.