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Handbook of Lung Targeted Drug Delivery Systems
Recent Trends and Clinical Evidences

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October 18, 2021 Forthcoming by CRC Press
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Book Description

Handbook of Lung Targeted Drug Delivery Systems: Recent Trends and Clinical Evidences covers every aspect of the drug delivery to lungs, the physiology and pharmacology of the lung, modelling for lung delivery, drug devices focused on lung treatment, regulatory requirements, and recent trends in clinical applications. With the advent of nano sciences and significant development in the nano particulate drug delivery systems there has been a renewed interest in the lung as an absorption surface for various drugs. The emergence of the COVID-19 virus has brought lung and lung delivery systems into focus, this book covers new developments and research used to address the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases. Written by well-known scientists with years of experience in the field this timely handbook is an excellent reference book for the scientists and industry professionals.

Key Features:

  • Focuses particularly on the chemistry, clinical pharmacology, and biological developments in this field of research.
  • Presents comprehensive information on emerging nanotechnology applications in diagnosing and treating pulmonary diseases
  • Explores drug devices focused on lung treatment, regulatory requirements, and recent trends in clinical applications
  • Examines specific formulations targeted to pulmonary systems

Table of Contents

1.      Introduction to Physiology of Lung from                    Aparoop Das, Manash Pratim Pathak,

Drug delivery perspective                                           Pompy Patwary and Sanghita Das


2.      Introduction to pharmacology of Lungs from            Caline McCarthy and Charles Preuss

Drug delivery perspective


3.      Mechanism and ways of Pulmonary                          Ahmed S Fahad, Sai HS Boddu and

drug administration                                                    jerry Nesamony


4.      Trans-epithelial transport of drugs in                         Sakshi Kumar and Swati Gupta

Pulmonary system


5.      Understanding Pharmacokinetics and                       Seth Kwabena Amponsah

pharmacodynamics of lung and lung drug delivery


6.      Chronic Lung diseases : Treatment                             Aproop Das, Riya Saikia, Kalyani

Challenges and solutions                                            Pathak, Urvashee Gogoi, and

                                                                                                Surovi Saikia

7.      Understanding of Lung diseases with a focus on       Sharaddha Khairnar, Mudassir applications of nano particulate drug delivery           Ansari, Ujwala Shinde, Agnivesh

Systems                                                                       Shrivastava, and Kavita Singh


8.      Models for Lung absorption of                                   Puchanee Larpruenrudee,

drug delivery systems                                                 Mohammad S Islam, Gunther Paul,            Akshoy R Paul, Y T Gu and Suyash C Saha

9.      Modelling for Dry power inhalers                              Anurag Tiwari, Akshoy R Paul, Anuj

Jain and Suvash C Saha



10.  In Vivo Animal models for lung targeted                    Khushali Vashi, Jasmin Patel and drug delivery systems                                                           Yashwant Pathak




11.  In Silico Methods for Development of Generic          Hao Miao, Reniie LI, Xudong Zhou, Drug-Device Combination                                          Jiaqi Yu, Fen Huang, Haoqin Yang Orally Inhaled Drug Products.                                     and Zhenbo Tong


12.  Effect of Aerosol Devices and Administration            Amelia Alberts and Charles preuss

Techniques on Drug Delivery in a Simulated

Spontaneously Breathing Pediatric Tracheostomy Model


13.  Pulmonary drug delivery: role for                              Ofosua Adi-Dako, Doris Kumadoh,,

polymeric nanoparticles                                             Esther Eshun Oppong, Christina OseiAsare and Mary Ann Archer



14.  Polymeric nanoparticle based drug-gene                   Keshav Moharir, Vinita Kale and

delivery for lung cancer                                              Abhay Ittadwar


15.  Inhalable Polymeric nano particulate                         Jayvadan Patel and Anita Patel

powders for respiratory delivery


16.  Recent trends in  Applications of                                Doris Kumadoh, Ofosua Adi-Dako

Nano-Drug Delivery Systems                                      Yaa Asantewaa Osei and Mary Ann Archer



17.  Nanocarrier systems for  Pulmonary                          Sai HS Boddu and jerry Nesamony

Drug Delivery


18.  Nano medicine for the Management of                     Pompy Patowary, Manash Pratim Pulmonary Disorders                                                         Pathak, Pronobesh Chattopadhyay

                                                                                    And Kamaruz Zaman                                     


19.  Recent approaches in Dendrimers based                     Rajiv Dahiya and Sunita Dahiya

 pulmonary delivery


20.   Hybrid Lipid/Polymer Nanoparticles for Pulmonary     Samyak nag, Shivani Baliyan and

Delivery of siRNA: Development and                             Swati Gupta

Fate Upon In Vitro Deposition on the Human

Epithelial Airway Barrier


21.  Solid Lipid Nanoparticle-Based Drug                          Deepa U warrier, harota R Desai,

Delivery for Lung Cancer                                            Kavita H Singh and Ujwala A Shinde


22.  Lipid-based pulmonary delivery system: a review     Komal Parmar and Jayvadan Patel

and future considerations of formulation



23.  Respirable controlled release polymeric                    Nazrul Islam and Abdur Rashid           colloid (RCRPC)


24.  Lung clearance kinetics of solid lipid                          Soumalya Chakraborty, Sudipta Roy

Nano particles and liposomes                                    Akash Dey, Sanjoy Kumar Das, Dhananjoy Saha, Subhabrata Ray, and Bhaskar Mazumder


25.  Solid lipid nanoparticles for sustained pulmonary     Nayanmoni Boruah, Himangshu 

delivery of Herbal drugs for Lung delivery:                Sharma and Hemanta Kumar Sharma

Preparation, characterization and in vivo evaluation


26.  Improved Solid Lipid Nano formulations                    Samson A. Adeyemi, Pradeep For pulmonary delivery of Paclitaxel-                         Kumar, Viness Pillay and Yahya E

 Lung cancer Therapy                                                  Choonara


27.  Antiangiogenic therapy for lung cancer:                    Urvashi Bhati, Colin J. Barrow

Focus on Bioassay development in a                          Jagat R. Kanwar, Arnab Kapat

quest for anti-VEGF drugs                                           Venkata Ramana1† and Rupinder K. Kanwar3*



28.  Emerging applications of nanoparticles for                Raja Reddy Boma Reddy, Sheshanka lung cancer diagnosis and therapy                             Kesani  and Yashwant V Pathak


29.  Metallic nanoparticles: technology overview            Komal Parmar and Jayvadan Patel

and drug delivery applications in Lung cancer


30.  Modelling of pharmaceutical aerosol                         Anusmriti Ghosh, Mohammad S. transport in the targeted region of human                 Islam, Mohammad Rahimi-Gorji,

lung airways due to external magnetic field              Raj Das and Suvash C. Saha


31.  Phytochemicals and biogenic metallic                       Nana Ama Mireku-Gyimah, Rex

Particles as anticancer agents in                                Frimpong Anane and Louis Hamenu

Lung cancer


32.  Pulmonary applications and toxicity                          Deepti Kaushlkumar Jani  of engineered metallic nanoparticles


33.  Anticancer activity of eco-friendly gold nano             Jayvadan Patel and Anita Patel particles against lung and liver cancer cells


34.  Subchronic inhalation toxicity of gold                        Srijan Mishra and Jigna Shah





35.  Single-use disposable dry powder inhalers for          Somchai Sawatdee and Teerapol

pulmonary drug delivery                                            Srichana



36.  Lung delivery of nicotine for smoking cessation        Hui Wang and Nazrul Islam   


37.  Formulation and characterization of                          Himangshu Sarma, Nayanmoni Dry powder inhalers for pulmonary drug delivery     Boruah, Hemanta K Sharma


38.  Devices for dry powder drug delivery to the lung      Jayvadan Patel and Anita Patel


39.  Numerical Modelling of Agglomeration and              Tan Suwandecha and Teerapol Srichana


Deagglomeration in Dry Powder Inhalers                  Srichana



40.  Oronasal and Tracheostomy Delivery                        Dasharath M. Patel, Unnati D of Soft Mist and Pressurized Metered-Dose              Chanpura and Veer J. Patel  Inhalers With Valved Holding Chamber.


41.  Modelling for Biopharmaceutical                               Amy Le, Kianna Samuel, Truong

Performance in Lung Drug Discovery                         Tran and Yashwant Pathak


42.  Regulatory Considerations for Approval of                Urvashi K Parmar and Jayvadan Patel Generic Inhalation Drug Products in the US, EU, Brazil, China, and India


43.  Regulatory perspectives and concerns                       Johirul Islam, Hemanga Hazarika

related to nano particles based lung delivery            Probin Kr Roy, Pompy Patowary

Pronobesh Chattopadhyay, Yashwant V Pathak, Kamaruz Zaman


44.  Clinical Controversies in Aerosol                                Jeffrey Cruz and Charles Preuss Therapy for Infants and Children


45.  Drug Delivery Using Aerosols: Challenges                  Surovi Saikia, Aproop Das and

and Advances in Neonatal Pediatric Subgroup           Yashwant V Pathak




46.  Safety and Toxicological Concerns                             Humera Memon, Vandit Shah

Related to Nano-Particles Based Lung Delivery         Tejal mehta and Jigna Shah


47.  Nanoparticles Based Lung Drug Delivery:                  Vandit Shah, Jigna Shah

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Dr Yashwant Pathak completed Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Technology from Nagpur University, India and EMBA & MS in Conflict Management from Sullivan University. He is Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs at College of Pharmacy, University of South Florida. Tampa, Florida. With extensive experience in academia as well as industry, he has more than 100 publications and 2 patent and 2 patent application, 20 edited books published, including 7 books in Nanotechnology and 6 in Nutraceuticals and drug delivery systems. Dr Yashwant Pathak is also a Professor of Global health with College of Public health at USF, and recently his student completed PhD in Global health on Homeopathy medicine and its efficacy, a survey of 1274 patients in Pune in India.

Dr Nazrul Islam Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy, Faculty of Health, QUT Disciplines Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nanotechnology, Macromolecular and Materials Chemistry Qualifications PhD (Monash University) Professional memberships and associations Member – American Association for the Pharmaceutical Scientist (AAPS) Member – Society of Hospital Pharmacist of Australia Key areas - Pulmonary drug delivery, Nanotechnology, Biodegradable polymer micronised particles, DPI formulation, Dry Powder Inhaler, Lactose particles, Aerosol delivery, Drug formulatin and delivery, Stability studies of drug and drug products, Characterization micro/nanoparticles for lung delivery