1st Edition

Handbook of Machine Tool Analysis

    Written by seasoned experts in the field, this reference explores efficient methods of design, structural analysis, and algorithm formulation to: reduce waste, noise, and breakage in system function; identify faults in system construction; and achieve optimal machine tool performance. The authors investigate issues such as force, noise, vibration,

    1. General Notions About the Introduction of Technical Diagnosis for Machine Tools 2. The State of the Art of Research Concerning Vibroacoustic Diagnosis of Machine Tools 3. Systemization and Application of a Vibroacoustic Methods Package to Establish Machine Tool Technical Diagnostics 4. Theoretical and Experimental Research: Diagnostic Analysis of the Feed Kinematic Chain Mechanical System 5. Designing and Manufacturing a Virtual Instrument Vibroacoustic Method Diagnostic Package 6. Theoretical and Experimental Research: Diagnosis of Some Feed Kinematic Chain Structure Elements 7. A Neural Approach to Establishing Technical Diagnosis for Machine Tools 8. Final Conclusions and Original Contributions


    Ioan D. Marinescu, Constantin Ispas, Dan Boboc