1st Edition

Handbook of Marine Mineral Deposits

Edited By David Spencer Cronan Copyright 2000

    This handbook summarizes the main advances in our understanding of marine minerals and concentrates on the deposits of proven economic potential. In cases where our knowledge may be too limited to allow defining of their economic potential, those minerals are covered regionally or by deposit type.
    Handbook of Marine Mineral Deposits is divided into three sections; Marine placers, manganese nodules and crusts, and deep-sea hydrothermal mineralization. All of these mineral deposits have great potential importance to economic geologists and marine mines.
    Edited by an acknowledged expert in the field, this handbook includes work by internationally renowned contributors. The new United Nations Law of the Sea, ratified by over 100 countries within the past two years, provides a framework and guidelines for deep-sea mineral exploration that increases international interest in this book. The Handbook serves as a platform from which to launch the more detailed evaluation studies that will need to take place in the 21st century before recovery can continue or commence.
    Handbook of Marine Mineral Deposits is
    useful to mineralogists, economic geologists, marine geologists, marine miners, and conservationists.

    Introduction-D. S. Cronan
    Marine Placer Deposits and Sea Level Changes- H. Kudrass
    Heavy Mineral on the Indian Continental Shelf- G.V. Rajamanickam
    Tin Placer Deposits on Continental Shelves - W. Yim
    Marine Placer Gold-R. Garnett
    Marine Placer Diamonds-R. Garnett
    Resource Estimates of the Clarion-Clipperton Mananese Nodule Deposits - C.L. Morgan
    Ferromanganese Nodules from the Central Indian Ocean Basin-P. Jauhari
    Manganese Nodules of the Peru Basin-U. Von Stackelberg
    Cobalt-Rich Ferromanganese Crusts in the Pacific-J. R. Hein, et al.
    Innovations in Marine Ferromanganese Oxide Tailings Disposal-J. Wiltshire
    Hydrothermal Activity on the Southern, Ultra-Fast Spreading Segment of the East Pacific Rise-V. Marchig
    Mineral Deposits at 23 Degrees S, Central Indian Ridge-P. Halbach and U. M√ľnch
    Polymetallic Massive Sulfides in Mid-Ocean Ridge and Subduction-Related Environments-P. M. Herzig and M.D. Hamilton
    Hydrothermal Mineralisation in the Red Sea- J.C. Scholten, P. Stoffers, et al.


    Cronan, David Spencer

    "This book was a pleasure to review-excellent papers, professionally edited, and well-presented. The breadth of papers would suggest the greatest appeal would be to strategic planners and exploration directors within the minerals industry, who are considering various options for their corporate strategies…The volume certainly achieves its stated aim-of being a substantial tribute to the father of marine economic geology and the driving force behind the International Marine Minerals Society, the late Prof. J. Robert Moore.
    --Bob Foster, School of Ocean and Earth Science, University of Southampton, United Kingdom

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