1st Edition

Handbook of Medical Aspects of Disability and Rehabilitation for Life Care Planning

Edited By Virgil May III, Richard Bowman, Steven Barna Copyright 2024
    522 Pages 63 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    522 Pages 63 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This textbook is an essential resource for life care planners in understanding and assessing a range of medical disabilities, life care planning as a health care service delivery practice, certification under the International Commission on Health Care Certification, and the path to rehabilitation for mild to catastrophic injuries.

    Written by a team composed of expert physicians and doctoral-level practitioners, the book covers the key areas of traumatic injury and resultant disability that life care planners so often face. From acquired brain injury and spinal disorders to amputation, chronic pain, posttraumatic debilitating headaches, and plastic reconstructive surgery, the book provides a road map not only to the treatment options available but also the strategies that can lead to rehabilitation and a possible return to work. Each chapter also discusses possible complications, allowing a holistic perspective on each issue.

    Also including chapters on medical cost projection analysis and functional capacity evaluation, this is the complete text for both professionals in the fields of rehabilitation services and life care planning, as well as students training to qualify.


    Foreword by Timothy F. Field

    1.              Life Care Planning: History, Process, and the Written Document
    Virgil Robert May III and Heather Howe

    2.              Disability Legislation in the United States and Canada

    Tanya Rutherford Owen

    3.              Third-Party Provider Systems
    Larry S. Stokes, Aaron M. Wolfson, Todd S. Capielano, Lacy H. Sapp, and Ashley G. Lastrapes

    4.              Independent Medical Evaluations
    Douglas W. Martin

    5.              Significant Body Systems

    Kaitlyn Cyncynatus and Steven Barna

    6.              Psychosocial Aspects of Chronic Illness and Disability
    Kathleen Acer

    7.              The Pediatric Life Care Plan and Vocational Evaluation
    Jennifer Canter

    8.              Disability Sequelae of Immobility: A Systems Perspective
    Robert S. Djergaian

    9.              Acquired Brain Injury
    Huma Haider

    Appendix A: Impact of Injuries on Activities of Daily Living [ADLs] and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs)

    Appendix B: Life Care Plan Subsection Charts

    10.           Traumatic Brain Injury: A Neurosurgeon’s Perspective
    Gary E. Kraus

    11.           Post-Traumatic Headaches
    Huma Haider

    12.           Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury

    Stuart Kahn, Rachel Santiago, Michael Chiou, and Sofia Barchuk

    13.           Spinal Disorders

    Bharat C. Patel, Matthew Janzen, Ashley Plonk, and Krishn Patel

    Appendix 13.1: Glossary for All Healthcare Professionals

    14.           Peripheral Neuropathies
    Gary E. Kraus

    15.           Amputations

    LeRoy Oddie and Danielle Melton

    16.           Pain Medicine and Life Care Planning

    Richard Bowman

    17.           Burn Trauma and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
    Gerard Mosiello

    18.           Canadian Life Care Planning and Cost Projection Analysis: A Comparison of Process and Application

    Claudia von Zweck and Dana Weldon

    19.       Functional Capacity Evaluation: Process, Utility, and Life Care Planning and Case Management Applications
    Virgil Robert May III

    20.       The Medical Cost Projection
    Reva Payne

    21.       Expert Witness Testimony: Legal, Practical, and Ethical Considerations

    Alex Karras and Jennifer Lambert

    22.       The International Commission on Health Care Certification: Certification and

    Accreditation in Life Care Planning

    Virgil Robert May III and Kathleen Kenney May


    Virgil Robert May III, Rehabilitation Practitioner, Doctor of Rehabilitation, Southern Illinois University, USA.

    Richard Bowman, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, MD, Certified Life Care Planner, West Virginia, USA.

    Steven Barna, Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine (MD) and Certified Life Care Planner (CLCP), Florida, USA.