1st Edition

Handbook of Medicinal Mints ( Aromathematics) Phytochemicals and Biological Activities, Herbal Reference Library

    This handbook provides the most complete collection of chemical data available on aromatic mints (Lamiaceae). The authors thoroughly introduce the field of aromathematics. Handbook of Medicinal Mints (Aromatics): Phytochemicals and Biological Activities contains a wealth of quantitative data, including more than 500 references on 10,839 chemicals from 251 assays of 205 unique taxa, combined with 3,324 biological activities and 256 recommended daily allowances and lethal doses. An exhaustive guide, the handbook is the ultimate resource for assessing the potential medicinal value of a particular species.

    Important Phytochemicals in Mints. Biological Activities of Mint Phytochemicals.


    Duke, James A.; Beckstrom-Sternberg, Stephen M