1st Edition

Handbook of Metamemory and Memory

Edited By John Dunlosky, Robert A. Bjork Copyright 2008
    502 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    This Handbook examines the interplay between metamemory and memory. Each contributor discusses cutting-edge theory and research that, in some way, showcases the symbiotic relationship between metamemory and memory. Together, these chapters support a central thesis, which is that a complete understanding of either metamemory or memory is not possible without understanding their mutual influence.

    The inspiration for this volume was the life and research of Thomas O. Nelson, whose pioneering and influential research in the fields of metamemory and memory consistently highlighted their integrated nature.

    J. Dunlosky, R.A. Bjork, Introduction: The Integrated Nature of Metamemory and Memory. J. Metcalfe, Evolution of Metacognition. J.P. Van Overschelde, Metacognition: Knowing About Knowing. A.S. Benjamin, M. Diaz, Measurement of Relative Metamnemonic Accuracy. B.A. Spellman, A. Blumenthal, R.A. Bjork, Measuring Memory and Metamemory: Theoretical and Statistical Problems with Assessing Learning (In General) and Using Gamma (In Particular) To Do So. Memory Monitoring. A. Koriat, R. Nussinson, H. Bless, N. Shaked, Information-Based and Experience-Based Metacognitive Judgments. L. Narens, T.O. Nelson, P. Scheck, Memory Monitoring and the Delayed-JOL Effect. C.A. Weaver,III, J.T. Terrell, K.S. Krug, W.L. Kelemen, The Delayed JOL Effect with Very Long Delays: Evidence from Flashbulb Memories. R.H. Maki, Privileged Access for General Knowledge and Newly Learned Text Material. R.J. Leonesio, Feeling-of-Knowing Accuracy and Recollective Experience. Control of Memory. W.H. Batchelder, E. Batchelder, Metacognitive Guessing Strategies in Source Monitoring. C.M. MacLeod, Implicit Memory Tests: Techniques for Reducing Conscious Intrusion. K.J. Malmberg,  Investigating Metacognitive Control in a Global Memory Framework. T.J. Perfect, L.J. Stark, Tales from the Crypt…omnesia. G. Mazzoni, Metacognitive Processes in Creating False Beliefs and False Memories: The Role of Event Plausibility. L.K. Son, N. Kornell, Research on the Allocation of Study Time: Key Studies from 1890 to the Present (and beyond). B.L. Schwartz, E. Bacon, Metacognitive Neuroscience. A.P. Shimamura, A Neurocognitive Approach to Metacognitive Monitoring and Control. W. Schneider, K. Lockl, Procedural Metacognition in Children: Evidence for Developmental Trends. M. Carroll, Metacognition in the Classroom. D.J. Hacker, L. Bol, M.C. Keener, Metacognition in Education: A Focus on Calibration.


    John Dunlosky, Robert A. Bjork

    "This volume represents a magnificent collection of chapters on metamemory, or one’s knowledge of one’s own memory processes. The authors write about some situations in which people are fairly accurate in their knowledge, as well as other cases in which intuitions are remarkably erroneous. The authors represent a stellar collection of researchers in this area, which makes the book a fitting tribute to the late Tom Nelson who pioneered the study of metamemory. The volume should be of interest to all researchers studying human memory and would make a great source for a graduate or upper-level undergraduate seminar." - Henry L. Roediger, III, James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor, Washington University in St. Louis