Handbook of Modern Hospital Safety  book cover
2nd Edition

Handbook of Modern Hospital Safety

Edited By

William Charney

ISBN 9781420047851
Published July 28, 2009 by CRC Press
1250 Pages 316 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

It is ironic that those whose job it is to save lives often find themselves injured in the course of performing their duties. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare workers have higher injury rates than agriculture workers, miners, and construction workers. The Handbook of Modern Hospital Safety, Second Edition covers exposure paradigms and offers solutions and models of protection for these individuals, presenting the latest science and intervention strategies that have proven successful in the scientific community.

Extensively revised, this second edition explores a host of hazardous conditions that are faced by healthcare workers in today’s hospitals, including:

  • infection and infectious diseases
  • back injuries
  • needlesticks
  • workplace violence
  • slip, trip, and fall injuries
  • ergonomic issues
  • electrocautery smoke
  • toxic drugs
  • ethylene oxide
  • aldehydes
  • pentamidine
  • ribavirin

In this long-awaited update to William Charney’s seminal work, experts from leading hospitals, universities, and health organizations explore these health risks and suggested preventive measures, discuss recent research and new information on technology to protect workers, cover new legislation and regulations, and provide insight into the philosophy of creating a safe hospital culture.

Table of Contents

Overview of Health and Safety in the Health Care Environment, D. A. Sterling

Epidemiology, J. M. Boiano, J. P. Sestito, S. E. Luckhaupt, C. F. Robinson, and J. T. Walker

Back Injury Prevention in Health Care, W. Charney, A. Hudson, S. Gallagher, J. D. Lloyd, A. Baptiste, A. Nelson, J. A. Haley, M. Matz, B. D. Owen, A. Garg, J. Villeneuve, J. Gilmore, and W. Martin

Emerging Infectious Diseases, W. Charney, J. H. Lange, G. Mastrangelo, J. Lavoie, Y. Cloutier, J. Lara, G. Marchand, and Office of Emergency Preparedness

Disinfection and Infection Control, E. J. Stewart, R. N. Olmsted, P.-G. Zanoni, L. Lee, J. Millogo, and K. M. Duesman

Progress in Preventing Sharps Injures in the United States, J. Doe, J. Perry, A. E. Gomaa, J. Jagger, and Emergency Care Research Institute

Violence in the Health Care Industry, J. Lipscomb, J. Rosen, M. London, K. McPhaul, J. A. Simonowitz, California Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and Service Employees International Union

Prevention of Slip, Trip, and Fall Hazards for Workers in Hospital Settings, J. W. Collins and J. L. Bell

Ergonomics, M. Wan, Kaiser Permanente, J. Villeneuve, and G. Fragala

Chemodrugs, T. P. Fuller

Tuberculosis Engineering Controls, L. M. Conroy, J. E. Franke, B. S. Tepper, J. Mehring, D. Hodge, D. Kass, W. Charney, J. Fisher, C. Ishida, P. M. Sutton, M. Nicas, and R. J. Harrison

Electrocautery Smoke: Reasons for Scavenging, J. D. Paz, Stackhouse, Inc., National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, L. V. Kayman, Association of Operating Room Nurses, W. Charney, S. Miller, S. Campbell, and B. Reynolds

Safe Use of Ethylene Oxide in the Hospital Environment, A. R. Reich

Monitoring Aldehydes, E. W. Finucane and W. Charney

Pentamidine, W. Charney, L. Rose, and P. Quinlan

Ribavirin, J. Bellows, R. J. Harrison, W. Charney, K. J. Corkery, R. Kraemer, and L. Wugofski

Trace Anesthetic Gas, E. W. Finucane, A. Schapera, W. Charney, P. A. Heinsohn,

and D.L. Jewett

Cost–Benefit, W. Charney and D. Maynes

Clinical Approach to Glove Dermatitis and Latex Allergy, D. Shusterman

Latex Glove Use: Essentials in Modern Hospital Safety, W. M. Truscott

Health and Safety Hazards of Shiftwork: Implications for Health Care Workers and Strategies for Prevention, J. Schirmer

Radiation Protection in Hospitals, J.-P. Gauvin

Reproductive Hazards in Hospitals, L. V. Kayman

Medical Waste, M. L. Garvin, H. B. Kuhn and E. Peters

The Occupational Hazards of Home Health Care, E. Askari and B. DeBaun

Caring Until It Hurts: How Nursing Work Is Becoming the Most Dangerous Job in America, Service Employees International Union

Laboratory Safety, W. Wood

Biological Exposure Index Testing: Two Case Studies, W. Charney, M. Lipnowski, and L. Wugofski

Functions and Staffing of a Hospital Safety Office, L. V. Kayman and J. F. Clemons

Education for Action: An Innovative Approach to Training Hospital Employees, M. Weinger and N. Wallerstein

Stress Factors, L. A. Job, W. E. Shearn, K. Kahler, J. Pearl, and M. McDonald

Case Studies of Health Care Workers in the Compensation System, L. S. Colbert



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William Charney has been a safety director/officer in healthcare for over 20 years. He has published 7 books in the field and 15 peer-review articles. He is presently the Safety Coordinator for Washington Hospital Services in Seattle.