4th Edition

Handbook of Near-Infrared Analysis

    938 Pages 205 Color & 219 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    938 Pages 205 Color & 219 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Rapid, inexpensive, and easy-to-deploy, near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy can be used to analyze samples of virtually any composition, origin, and condition. The Handbook of Near Infrared Analysis, Fourth Edition, explores the factors necessary to perform accurate and time- and cost-effective analyses across a growing spectrum of disciplines.

    This updated and expanded edition incorporates the latest advances in instrumentation, computerization, chemometrics applied to NIR spectroscopy, and method development in NIR spectroscopy, and underscores current trends in sample preparation, calibration transfer, process control, data analysis, instrument performance testing, and commercial NIR instrumentation. This work offers readers an unparalleled combination of theoretical foundations, cutting-edge applications, and practical experience.

    Additional features include the following:

    • Explains how to perform accurate as well as time- and cost-effective analyses.
    • Reviews software-enabled chemometric methods and other trends in data analysis.
    • Highlights novel applications in pharmaceuticals, polymers, plastics, petrochemicals, textiles, foods and beverages, baked products, agricultural products, biomedicine, nutraceuticals, and counterfeit detection.
    • Underscores current trends in sample preparation, calibration transfer, process control, data analysis, and multiple aspects of commercial NIR instrumentation.

    Offering the most complete single-source guide of its kind, the Handbook of Near Infrared Analysis, Fourth Edition, continues to offer practicing chemists and spectroscopists an unparalleled combination of theoretical foundations, cutting-edge applications, and detailed practical experience provided firsthand by more than 50 experts in the field.

    Chapter 1 History of NIRS Development

    [Peter H. Hindle and Updated by Emil W. Ciurczak]

    Part I Physics

    Chapter 2 Introduction to the Physics of Light Scattering

    [Donald J. Dahm and Kevin D. Dahm]

    Chapter 3 Principles of Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy

    [Kevin D. Dahm and Donald J. Dahm]

    Chapter 4 Spectral Interpretation

    [Jerome Workman, Jr.]

    Part II Instrumentation

    Chapter 5 Traditional NIR Instrumentation

    [Howard Mark]

    Chapter 6 NIR: 21st-Century Innovations

    [Sean M. Christian and Jess V. Ford]

    Chapter 7 NIR Hyperspectral Imaging

    [Aoife A. Gowen]

    Chapter 8 NIR Instrument Sampling Configurations

    [Jerome Workman, Jr.]

    Chapter 9 Instrument Performance Calibration

    [Jerome Workman, Jr.]

    Chapter 10 Standards for Near-Infrared Analysis

    [Emil W. Ciurczak, Doramaxx Consulting, and Gabor J. Kemeny]

    Part III Modeling/Chemometrics

    Chapter 11 Pattern Recognition Applied to the Classification of Near-Infrared Spectra

    [Barry K. Lavine and Francis Kwofie]

    Chapter 12 Supervised Methods: MLR, PCR, and MCR

    [Howard Mark]

    Chapter 13 Bayesian Regression for Chemical Calibrations of NIR Spectra

    [Steven D. Brown]

    Chapter 14 Derivative Quotient Method Regression, or the Norris Regression

    [David W. Hopkins]

    Chapter 15 Preprocessing Methods in NIR Spectroscopy

    [Charles E. Miller and Benoit Igne]

    Chapter 16 Pretreatments by Orthogonal Projections

    [Jean-Michel Roger and Jean-Claude Boulet]

    Chapter 17 Calibration Transfer

    [Benoit Igne and Jerome Workman, Jr.]

    Part IV Method Development

    Chapter 18 Practical Aspects of Sampling for NIRS Analysis

    [Phil Williams]

    Chapter 19 A Framework for Representative Sampling for NIR Analysis ・ Theory of

    Sampling (TOS)

    [Kim H. Esbensen and Rodolfo J. Romanach]

    Chapter 20 Volume Fraction vs. Weight Fraction

    [Howard Mark]

    Chapter 21 Process Measurements

    [Emil W. Ciurczak]

    Chapter 22 Validation

    [Gary E. Ritchie]

    Chapter 23 Method Development and Lifecycle

    [Benoit Igne and Gary McGeorge]

    Part V Applications

    Applications – Agriculture/Food

    Chapter 24 Application of NIR for Analysis of Beverages

    [Lana R. Kington and Tom M. Jones]

    Chapter 25 Applications of NIR Spectroscopy in the Confectionary Industry

    [Jerome Workman, Jr. and W. Jeffrey Hurst]

    Chapter 26 NIR Analysis of Wheat Products

    [Brian G. Osborne]

    Chapter 27 Application of NIR Spectroscopy to the Analysis of Forages

    [Olivier Minet, Virginie Decruyenaere, Bruno Godin, and Vincent Baeten]

    Chapter 28 NIRS Is Ripe for Use in Horticulture

    [Nghia Nguyen-Do-Trong, Bart Nicolai, and Wouter Saeys]

    Chapter 29 Grains

    [Stephen R. Delwiche]

    Chapter 30 Innovation in the Meat Industry Using Novel Near-Infrared

    Spectroscopy Sensors

    [Ana Garrido-Varo, Dolores Perez-Marin, and Emiliano de Pedro]

    Chapter 31 NIR Analysis of Dairy Products

    [Rob Frankhuizen]

    Applications – Aquaphotomics

    Chapter 32 Aquaphotomics

    [Roumiana Tsenkova, Jelena Munćan, and Zoltan Kovacs]

    Applications – Biopharmaceutical

    Chapter 33 Bioprocesses

    [Benoit Igne]

    Applications – fNIR

    Chapter 34 Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Imaging of Biological Materials and Systems

    [Mika Ishigaki, Daitaro Ishikawa, Christian Huck, and Yukihiro Ozaki]

    Chapter 35 Blood Analysis by NIR Spectroscopy

    [Benoit Igne and Emil Ciurczak]

    Chapter 36 Analysis of Vascular Tissue Using NIR Spectrometry

    [Robert A. Lodder]

    Applications – Forestry

    Chapter 37 Application of NIR Spectroscopy to Wood and Wood-Derived Products

    [L. R. Schimleck and S. Tsuchikawa]

    Applications – Petrochemicals

    Chapter 38 NIR Spectroscopy Applied to the Oil and Gas Industry

    [Sebastien Gourvenec and Nicolas Bernard]

    Chapter 39 NIR Applied to Polymer Analysis

    [Jean Guilment]

    Applications – Pharmaceuticals

    Chapter 40 Pharmaceutical Analysis

    [Benoit Igne and Emil Ciurczak]

    Applications – Remote Sensing and Soil Analysis

    Chapter 41 Soil Sensing by Visible and Infrared Radiation

    [Fabricio da Silva Terra, Rodnei Rizzo, Eyal Ben Dor, and Jose A. M. Dematte]

    Applications – Textiles

    Chapter 42 NIR Analysis of Textiles

    [Subhas Ghosh and James Rodgers]


    Emil W. Ciurczak, Donald A. Burns