1st Edition

Handbook of Neuro-Urology

By Rushton Copyright 1994

    Emphasizing the clinical problems surrounding urogenital tract dysfunction, this up-to-date reference details the basic science, differential diagnosis, and treatment of a wide range of neurourological conditions.
    Covering recent advances in the neurobiology of the pelvic organs, the Handbook of Neuro-Urology

  • reviews the neural control processes that govern pelvic organs
  • discusses the pathogenic mechanisms behind neurological and smooth muscle disorders that produce bladder dysfunction
  • describes the management of impaired bladder, bowel, and sexual function after brain damage and spinal cord injury
  • examines various conditions that affect the autonomic nervous system and specifically result in bladder and sexual dysfunction
  • investigates lower urinary tract function in the elderly
  • suggests practical measures to manage urinary incontinence such as the use of pads, underpants, and appliances
  • and more!
  • Series Introduction William C. Koller



    Basic Studies
    Neural Control of the Pelvic Organs

    Charles H. V. Hoyle, Jill Lincoln, and Geoffrey Burnstock
    Neurophysiology of the Pelvic Organs

    William C. de Groat
    Neuropathology of Neuro-Urology

    Joanne E. Martin
    Neuro-Urological History and Examination

    David N. Rushton
    Urodynamic Assessment

    C. J. Kelleher and Linda Cardozo
    Clinical Neurophysiology in the Investigation of Genitourinary Tract Dysfunction

    Rupert Beck and Clare J. Fowler
    Clinical Problems and Their Management
    Urinary Incontinence

    B. G. Wise and Linda Cardozo
    Nonurological Obstructed Voiding and Retention

    Jeremy G. Noble, Marie-Claude Lemieux, and Clare J. Fowler
    Managing Bladder, Bowel, and Sexual Function After Spinal Cord Injury

    Graham H. Creasey
    Bladder Disorders in Brain Damage

    Keith Andrews
    Genitourinary Dysfunction in Disorders of the Autonomic Nervous System

    Rupert Beck, Clare J. Fowler, and Christopher J. Mathias
    Pelvic Floor Incompetence

    Michael Swash
    Impotence and Ejaculatory Failure

    Giles S. Brindley
    Lower Urinary Tract Function in Late Life

    James Malone-Lee
    Surgical Management of the Neurogenic Bladder

    Roger S. Kirby and Timothy J. Christmas
    Incontinence Appliances,

    Denise Abbott and Linda Cardozo



    David N. Rushton