1st Edition

Handbook of Nutritionally Essential Mineral Elements

Edited By Boyd L. O'Dell, Roger A. Sunde Copyright 1997
    712 Pages
    by CRC Press

    704 Pages
    by CRC Press

    "Offers comprehensive, definitive information on all of the essential mineral elements--focusing on biochemical and physiological processes. Describes in detail the function of the nutritionally necessary elements revealed through the latest techniques in molecular biology as well as traditional research methods."

    Calcium; phosphorus; sodium and chloride in nutrition; magnesium; potassium; zinc; copper; iron; magnesium; cobalt; chronium; molybdenum; nickel; boron; lithium; lead; selenium; iodine; fluorine; silicon; vanadium; arsenic; mineral-iron interaction as assessed by bioavailability and ion channel function; radiotracers for nutritionally essential mineral elements.


    Boyd L. O'Dell, Roger A. Sunde