2nd Edition

Handbook of Optical Fibers and Cables, Second Edition

By Murata Copyright 1996
    by CRC Press

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    This work covers the history of optical communications, fibres and fiber cables, and compares optical fibres with other transmission media. It also discusses optical fibre materials, reliability and manufacture, illustrates the design, construction and properties of recent cables used for optical fibre, describes fibre splicing and presents automated fibre splicing machines, and more.

    Otical fibres; optical fibre cables; splicing of fibres; connectors; joining of optical fibre cables; measurement of optical fibres installation of optical fibre cable; applications of optical fibre.
    "Praise for the first edition. . . . . .highly recommended for its comprehensive state-of-the-art fundamentals of optical fibers and cables. The numerous formulas, sketches, diagrams, tables and technical exposition will be a handy guide for network system, optical and electooptical engineers, and those involved in the design, production and installation of fiber optic cables. "
    ---Applied Optics
    "Dr. Murata. . .is a well known expert in the field of fiber optics. . .His book is a good source of information on the design and implementation of optical fiber. "
    ---Optical Engineering