1st Edition

Handbook of Organizational Performance, Volume II Foundations and Advances

Edited By Douglas Johnson, C Merle Johnson Copyright 2025
    360 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book offers a comprehensive exploration of the powerful intersection between behavior science and performance improvement and demonstrates the myriad ways in which this science can advance performance improvement.

    Featuring some of the top researchers and consultants from across the globe, Volume II:

    ·        focusses on a wide range of advanced topics, from behavioral safety to emerging opportunities for worker well-being, such as performance feedback, compensation, performance assessment, safety, wellness, training, self-management, discipline, marketing and more.

    •  explores the latest breakthroughs and advancements in the field
    • comes with new introduction and epilogue and is supplemented by review questions.
    • is an indispensable resource for instructors, practitioners and students of Organizational Behavior Management.


    Each chapter in this volume is written as an introduction to its topic and equips students and professionals alike with the tools and knowledge to drive performance improvement ethically and effectively in diverse contexts.

    The chapters in this book were originally published in the Journal of Organizational Behavior Management.

    An Introduction to Innovations in Organizational Behavior Management

    Douglas A. Johnson and C. Merle Johnson


    1. Behavioral Safety: An Efficacious Application of Applied Behavior Analysis to Reduce Human Suffering

    Timothy D. Ludwig and Matthew M. Laske


    2. Total Worker Health® and Organizational Behavior Management: Emerging Opportunities for Improving Worker Well-being Training

    Ryan Olson, Thomas R. Cunningham, Jeannie A. S. Nigam, W. Kent Anger,

    Anjali Rameshbabu, and Courtney Donovan


    3. Training for Performance Excellence

    Heather M. McGee and Sally L. Freds


    4. The advancement of training within business using behavior-based instructional design The Advancement of Training within Business Using Behavior-Based Instructional Design

    Douglas A. Johnson, Anita Li, Anna L. McCalpin, and Matthew M. Laske


    5. Self-Management in Organizational Behavior Management

    Rachael Ferguson and Lauren Rivera


    6. Observing the Behavior of Organisms in Organizational Behavior Management

    M.G. Palmer and C. M. Johnson


    7. Merging OBM with Discipline Systems: Making the Case for Performance Recovery

    Douglas A Johnson, C. Merle Johnson, Trey Ximenez, and Anita Li


    8. Consumer behavior analysis and the marketing firm: measures of performance

    Foxall Gordon R., Oliveira-Castro Jorge M., and Porto Rafael B.


    9. The Ethics of Organizational Behavior Management

    Nicholas L. Weatherly


    10. Encouraging Multiculturalism and Diversity within Organizational Behavior Management

    Merrilyn Akpapuna, Eunju Choi, Douglas A. Johnson, and Juan A. Lopez


    11. Marketing and Consulting in Organizational Behavior


    Leslie Wilk Braksick and Julie M. Smith


    12. Professional Development in Organizational Behavior Management

    Allison H. King and Kelly Therrien


    13. Issues with Private Practice

    Byron Wine and Joshua K. Pritchard



    Douglas A. Johnson and C. Merle Johnson



    Douglas A. Johnson is the Global Engagement and Learning Leader for Eastman Chemical Company, where he leads initiatives related to leadership development, performance improvement, employee training, instructional design, and performance management to guide learning, employee motivation, and safety outcomes. He previously spent 13 years working as a faculty member at Western Michigan University. He is certified as a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and a doctoral-level Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA-D). He is an expert in instructional design, training design/development, computer-based instruction, performance management, behavioral systems analysis, fluency training, incentives, feedback, and employee motivation.


    C. Merle Johnson is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Central Michigan University, USA. He serves on the editorial board for the Journal of Organizational Behavior Management and the Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies. His research concerns organizational behaviour management, treatment of sleep disorders in children, behavioural pediatrics, and assessment & treatment of children who have low-incidence disabilities.

    You will accelerate your workplace proficiencies by absorbing the education in this book. Johnson & Johnson’s collection of publications from experts in organizational behavior management delivers the foundational concepts and advanced applications. I genuinely wish I had this book when I was a student of applied behavioral science in the workplace, and also when I started my own entrepreneurial journey. This handbook is an absolute game-changer; a must-read for anyone looking to transform organizational culture and drive sustainable success. Packed with actionable insights and practical strategies, it’s invaluable for leaders and difference-makers. Unlock your team’s full potential… and your own.

    D.J. Moran, Ph.D., BCBA-D
    Founder of Pickslyde Consulting


    Masterfully curated to be useful for students and professionals alike, this handbook offers practical wisdom and strategic insight to successfully navigate the complexities of behavior change in business and the ever-evolving landscape of OBM. It serves as a powerful reflection on OBM's origins and a prelude to the possibilities of behavioral science solutions that lie ahead. With compelling research, advice, and strategies around topics such as feedback, professional development, multiculturalism, consulting, and marketing, this is a must-read (and re-read) for those committed to helping business leaders create meaningful and sustainable change.  

    Krystyna Riley
    Co-Chief Executive Officer, ALULA


    The “Handbook of Organizational Performance: Foundations and Advances” is a contribution of many subject experts exploring the crucial, yet often overlooked, science of behavior in the realm of successful business operations. The combination of the selected articles provides a comprehensive and insightful guide I can use for educating my undergraduate and graduate students in organizational behavior management.

    Ellie Kazemi, Ph.D., BCBA-D
    Professor, Department of Psychology, California State University, Northridge


    Formerly published in the Journal of Organizational Behavior Management, the contributions in this handbook could easily support two semesters of graduate study in OBM. Articles by some of the leading lights in the field comprise a remarkable and timely review of OBM practices and applications, including previews of future directions. From the origins of OBM to present best practices, it would be hard to imagine a more thorough coverage of OBM topics, including theoretical considerations, research, and field work. This two-volume set should be on the desks of anyone interested in OBM, from scholars to real-world practitioners.

    Carl Binder, Ph.D.
    CEO of The Performance Thinking Network