1st Edition

Handbook of Organizations (RLE: Organizations)

Edited By James March Copyright 1965
    1268 Pages
    by Routledge

    1266 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book charts the state of organizational research and theory during the 1960s. A compendium of results, references, concepts ideas and theories, this Handbook will be of interest to both academics in organizational theory and managers facing operating problems of organizations.

    Introduction James G March. Foundations: 1. Influence, Leadership and Control Dorwin Cartwright. 2. Decision Making and Problem Solving Donald W Taylor. 3. Small Groups and Large Organizations Robert T Golembiewski. 4. Social Structure and Organizations Arthur L Stinchcombe. Methodologies. 5. Laboratory Experimentation With Organizations Karl E Weick. 6. Field Methods In the Study of Organizations W Richard Scott. 7. Simulation of Organizational Behaviour Kalman J Cohen and Richard M Cyert. 8. Mathematics and Organization Theory William H Starbuck. Theoretical-Substantive Areas. 9. Management Theory Joseph L Massie. 10. Economic Theories of Organization Thomas A Marschak. 11. Organizational Growth and Development William H Starbuck. 12. Communications in Organizations Harold Guetzkow. 13. Interpersonal Relations in Organizations Abraham Zaleznik. 14. Organizational Decision Making Julian Feldman and Herschel E Kanter. 15. Organizational Control Structure Amitai Etzioni. 16. The Comparative Analysis of Organizations Stanley H Udy, Jr. Specific Institutions 17. Unions Arnold S Tannenbaum. 18. Political Party Organization Joseph A Schlesinger. 19. Public Bureaucracies Robert L Peabody and Francis E Rourke. 20. Military Organizations Kurt Lang. 21. The Organization of Traditional Authority: English County Government, 1558-1640 Vernon K Dibble. 22. Hospitals: Technology, Structure and Goals Charles Perrow. 23. The School as a Formal Organization Charles E Bidwell. 24. Prison Organizations Donald R Cressey. 25. Business Organizations William R Dill. Applications. 26. Changing Interpersonal and Intergroup Relationships in Organizations Herbert A Shepard. 27. Applied Organizational Change in Industry: Structural, Technological and Humanistic Approaches Harold J Leavitt. 28. Organization Design and Systems Analysis Chadwick JHaberstroh. Indices.


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